Joey Graham: I'll Be Ready Sunday

OSU head coach Eddie Sutton called it Joey Graham's "worst game in his two years playing at Oklahoma State." The Cowboys need their star forward to show up for Sunday's second-round NCAA Tournament game with seventh-seeded Southern Illinois. Graham said on Saturday he will be there.

GP: Do you compare SIU to Texas Tech?
JG: I try to approach every game the same. I respect all the teams, but I look at them all the same. If it's a mismatch then coach will find it and we will go after it. I have had some good games against Tech, and I will approach it like a Big 12 game, even better.

GP: Are they more like a Big 12 team than say Southeastern Louisiana?
JG: They are similar to Texas Tech, but they remind me more of UAB, who we played earlier this season in Gallagher-Iba. They pick you up full court and they play you hard for 40 minutes. We had a good showing in Gallagher-Iba against UAB, and hopefully we will have a good showing tomorrow.

GP: I know you watched the Kansas loss to Bucknell, did the faces on those KU players after the game make an impression on you?
JG: That is a sad, sad look and a bad feeling. We were close, too close to having that feeling on Friday. We all said to each other after that game that we have to play that much harder to keep winning.

GP: How does it make you feel when coach Sutton calls that game Friday your worst game at OSU?
JG: How would it make you feel if a Hall of Fame coach said it was your worst game? It effects me, but it challenges me. I know I have to play better and I will. That just wasn't me. I was rushing my game and tomorrow I'm going to let the game come to me and do the things that I can do well. I think I'll have one of my better games against Southern Illinois.

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