Spring Football Practice: Notes & Quotes

Following Monday's practice, which included some review and corrections from the Saturday scrimmage, Mike Gundy was asked how he reviewed the scrimmage after viewing the video tape.

"Our running backs as the scrimmage moved on learned to run hard," said Gundy in starting his analysis. "The offensive line got some hats on guys and blocked better. The defensive line was tired. It was very similar with what I thought right after the scrimmage. The quarterbacks made some mistakes, but some of the throws that weren't completed was because the receiver or the tight end was not in the right spot. It's a learning process and we all have to be on the same page. That offense and the timing in the passing game is not something we've done here the last four years, so that is completely new to them."

The most played video from last Saturday's scrimmage was that of Gundy in the middle of the defense yelling at players in an effort to fire them up and even pushing some of the Cowboys defenders. It was an emotional side of Gundy that we have seen on a few occasions during the spring practices. When asked after Monday's practice about the emotion and whether it was planned or spontaneous, Gundy said it's part of his personality.

"There is a side of me, a competitive side of me, that I have and if I don't see something I like I'm going to react," said Gundy. "It was a little hot last Saturday and I didn't think guys were playing with the effort I thought they should play with and I reacted to it. I asked in the meeting today if any of the guys had a problem with it and they said, ‘Coach, we liked it.' If I see it happen in a game it is something I would do again. I don't plan to do that. If I'd have thought about it I wouldn't have hit those big guys. Plus, it's hard on my hands. I'm too old for that. We're going to do things right around here. We're going to play hard and with enthusiasm and that's just the way it is."

Gundy revealed that the football facilities will get a facelift immediately following spring practice. Gundy said the current artificial surface (Astroplay) will be torn out and replaced with a new superior turf developed by a company in Holland. We think it may be Sprinturf, which has recently gone in at the Philadelphia Eagles indoor facility and will go in at Adelphi Stadium in Nashville. While the turf is replaced, the foundation of the field, which has an historic sinkhole in the west end will be fixed and the crown will be taken out of the surface, which could ready it for a natural grass surface when an indoor facility is built. The grass practice fields on the other side of the Athletic Center will be completely re-sod.

In addition, the current player lounge in the locker room will be converted into a new shower with a drying area for players. Also, a new cardiovascular exercise room will be added to the current strength and conditioning center. The cardio room will have equipment and televisions to view during workouts.

During the latter stages of practice offensive tackle Adam Gourley made what seemed like extra special effort to get over to the sideline to make a downfield block on safety Thomas Wright. Gourley and Wright spilled out of bounds into a group of players on the sideline causing quite a stir. Gourley got up and looked at the players that had been moving out of the way and proclaimed, "I just wanted a drink of water." With that Gourley grabbed a water bottle, took several healthy swigs, and took off to get back in the offensive formation.

Wide receiver Tevin Williams (ankle sprain), wide receiver Seth Newton (hamstring) and offensive guard David Koenig (sprain foot) were the only casualties from Saturday's scrimmage. Gundy explained that all three probably could have participated more fully in practice on Monday, but the staff felt it was more important to hold them out and let them get back during Wednesday's full pad practice. Williams and Newton spent time down with the injured players rehabbing their injuries. Koenig stayed with the offensive linemen and participated in non contact drills. Also missing most of the Monday practice because of class was first team left tackle Charlie Johnson.

The rest of the injury list was consistent and included defensive end Nathan Peterson (knee surgery), defensive end Darnell Smith (shoulder surgery), defensive end Marque Fountain (shoulder surgery), defensive end William Bell (knee surgery), defensive end Tremayne Standberry (knee scope), wide receiver Chijuan Mack (knee surgery), fullback Shawn Willis (concussion), running back Seymore Shaw (knee scope) and offensive linemen Blake Botek (knee injury).

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