Spring Parting Shots

Offensive coordinator Larry Fedora on what he liked Saturtday: "One was there effort, two was the communication. We did a great job seeing things from the sideline. We had no problems communicating which was huge. If they can get that down then the rest of it is just executing once they're out there. Now they don't have to think so hard they can just play."

Quarterback Donovan Woods on the passing game: "I think I did pretty good I guess you could say. I'm still learning a lot, still reading coverages, still knowing what my guys have to do. We have to be on the same page and that is coming along a lot better now. We'll get better this summer and hopefully that will show in the fall."

Quarterback Bobby Reid on the learning of the offense: "Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have good drives, then sometimes it's hard to tell. Everybody was on their assignment today, but we've got a long way to go."

Wide receiver D'Juan Woods on the offense: "I've never been a part of a spread passing offense, so this is a good time for me to stand out. Hopefully, me and the rest of the receivers will be major contributors to the success of this team next year."

Xavier Lawson-Kennedy and Ryan McBean on their partnership in the defensive line:
XLK: "I'm feeling good. As long as I know I'm doing my job and he (McBean) is making plays it'll be a good combo. It's cool, it's cool."
McBean: "Once he's there it's okay. He opens gaps for me and I open gaps for him. It's a brotherhood, love thing."

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