Torre Johnson Q&A

Torre Johnson, a first-team All-American from Garden City (Kan.) Community College, announced Tuesday that he would be playing basketball next season at Oklahoma State. The 6-foot-7, 210-pound sophomore averaged 21.7 points and 8.7 rebounds this past season at Garden City. Johnson took a few minutes Tuesday night to answer a few questions for subscribers.

Go Pokes: Why did you decide to sign with OSU after receiving interest from Arizona, Auburn, Cincinnati and Tennessee?
Torre Johnson:
The main reasons are the coaching staff and the environment in Stillwater. I was just so comfortable with everybody (in Stillwater) and loved the environment down there. The support of the basketball program from the president, the athletic director, the coaching staff, the players, the students ... everybody was cool down there for me.

Go Pokes: Why did you only take one recruiting visit -- to Oklahoma State?
Torre Johnson:
I was comfortable with Oklahoma State after making my trip down there. I thought there was no reason to take any other trips because I already had my mind made up.

Go Pokes: Which OSU coach recruited you? How much of an impact did that have to do with your decision to sign with OSU?
Torre Johnson:
Coach (James) Dickey. He did a good job. I have a lot of respect for him. He was up front and honest with me during the recruiting. He never lied to me and never misled me. That was important to me.

Go Pokes: How important was it knowing that you'll get a chance to play immediately since the Cowboys lost six of their top seven players off last year's team?
Torre Johnson:
To be honest it wasn't that big a deal. I'm not sure where I'll fit it but I'm comfortable being the second, third or fourth option (on offense). Wherever I play I'm going to do my best and play my hardest. I'm just hoping to come in and produce as much as I can.

Go Pokes: Who's your favorite NBA team? Your favorite NBA player?
Torre Johnson:
I don't have a favorite NBA team. My favorite player is Kobe (Bryant).

Go Pokes: What player (pro or college) do you compare your game?
Torre Johnson:
Shawn Marion.

Go Pokes: What do you expect to bring to next year's OSU team?
Torre Johnson:
I think I'll bring a whole lot of athleticism and hopefully some wins.

Go Pokes: There are going to be a lot of new faces, including yourself, suiting up for the Cowboys next season. What are you expectations for next season's Cowboys?
Torre Johnson:
My expectations are that this team will play hard and win. I haven't met or played with a lot of the guys who will be coming in but from what I know of them they are all good players.

GoPokes: What message do you have for Cowboy basketball fans?
Torre Johnson:
It's going to be a lot of fun at Gallagher-Iba next season.

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