Gerald Green: Decision Day is Monday

Gerald Green, the highest-ranked high school recruit to ever sign with Oklahoma State, will announce Monday whether he is going to skip college to enter the NBA Draft or attend Oklahoma State in the fall, according to reports in Saturday's Tulsa World.

The 6-foot-8 Green, a McDonald's All-American from Gulf Shores Academy in Houston, declared himself eligible for the NBA Draft last month. However, he has the right to pull his name out of the draft if he does not hire an agent.

But Green's draft status seems to be rising since the NBA determined the lottery order for the draft earlier this week. Most mock draft sites have Green going in the top 10 of the draft, and speculation is that the 19-year-old will leap to the NBA if he is one of the first 10 players selected.

Green is predicted to be the fifth player chosen (by the Charlotte Bobcats) in the most recent mock draft at

NBA teams wanting workouts and coproate brands are "waiting in line" for Green's decision, according to a press release issuede by a family spokesman on Friday. However, the release also talked about Green's "ever-present desire to play in college."

The release, in the Tulsa World story, said that Green has workouts scheduled with the Houston Rockets, Portland Trailblazers, Utah Jazz and other NBA teams in the coming weeks.

"I am looking forward to learning what it takes to have a great career in basketball and I'm focused on the work it will take me to get there," Green said in the release. "It is a blessing and I am going to do what my coaches and my team need me to do. I am prepared for that."

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