Let the Griping Begin: OSU Left Out of NCAA Field

I'm not saying Oklahoma State didn't belong in the NCAA Baseball Tournament, but since the selection committee decided that there were nine SEC teams and seven ACC teams worthy then the Big 12 deserved at least six in postseason play. But the Cowboys and every other school in the Big 12 knew the history -- the Big 12 gets five in every year. Finish in the top five and you get to play on. Win the Big 12 Tournament or do something really special and you play on as well.

The Big 12 Tournament, even in Bricktown, is a dicey proposition. It was a very tough tournament, and this season with all the pitching, a real survival test. Finishing fifth was the much easier route.

Oklahoma State had its chance, and all the Cowboys needed to do was win one series that they didn't -- the Bedlam series vs. Oklahoma. Bedlam cost the Cowboys some extra baseball. OU was reeling, the Sooners had lost their head coach in a very embarassing situation. They were far from the most talented pitching team in the Big 12 and the offense was maybe one of the few less potent that the Cowboys in conference play. OSU was the home team on the scoreboard and even won the opening game. One more win that weekend and OSU is probably headed to Oxford, Miss., instead of the Sooners.

That is the frustration the baseball season leaves Cowboy head coach Frank Anderson, his team and all OSU baseball fans. OU knocked the Cowboys out of the NCAA. A team that struggled too often in the clutch saw its season goal pass by them while their archrivals passed by at the same time.

Anderson has recruited well. Here's hoping Gary Ward collects on all those Home Run Club contributions fattened by shots against the likes of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Next year win Bedlam because you never know what it will cost you.

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