OSU Stacks Up As Well As Anybody

One of the top backs in the nation per Scout.com is stuck on four teams in particular, as he mulls over the plusses of each in order to determine which program might fit him best. Michael Goodson (5-11.5/188/4.53) is looking at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and USC. His father shares a few notes with us after he accompanied his son to Norman and Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Dean: With the trip to Norman to visit Bob Stoops and gang, what can you tell us about the Oklahoma Sooners?
Mr. Goodson: It was a really good visit. I mean, listen, these guys just won a national championship a few years ago and played for one just last year. So, it's a great program. It's OU. What more can you say? And, they're in need of a blue chip running back. They think Mike can be that guy for them and let us know that they would be happy if he's the one they get. So, we have a lot to think about. But they will go on the board and we will see how they compare to everyone else.

Dean: Stillwater, Oklahoma was also on the agenda. In fact, that was the last visit on the schedule and several Cowboy fans want to know where Oklahoma State stacks up against the other leading contenders.
Mr. Goodson: OSU is on the rise. And, you know, honestly, we were really surprised after taking that visit. We didn't go in there with any expectations, just hoping to learn more about Oklahoma State. They have a new staff, they're going to open it up offensively, and if you look at their facilities, and what they have in the plans as far as additional upgrades, they're definitely committed to supporting their football program and committed to winning. They are definitely in the picture now. OSU stacks up as well as anybody.

Dean: Already checking out Texas A&M and USC, and doing reports on those two programs, what else can you tell us now, about the Aggies and Trojans, two schools that many think are the teams to beat?
Mr. Goodson: We really enjoyed the visits there and they're both great situations. We will call both of those staffs this week and visit a bit more with them. But I would not say they lead right now. We're very excited about the other schools we visited, so it's going to be a very difficult decision. Like we already said, we'll put all four teams on the board and Mike will weigh everything. It's hard to say who leads at this time. So, I think we'll just let Mike research the schools and find the one he thinks is the best for him.

The Klein Collins running back -- Texas Hot 100 No. 3 (and the Lone Star State's top tailback prospect) -- is expected to utilize the remainder of June and even the first week of July before making his decision.

Stay tuned, Scout.com has you covered!

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