Laron Moore: OSU In Top Five

Athlete Laron Moore (5-9, 181, 4.6) of Midwest City High School in Oklahoma City continues to see his stock improve. "I've gotten some recent offers from both Kansas and Kansas State," said Moore. "I've also gotten a recent verbal offer from the coaches at Oklahoma.

"There's a lot of major schools out there that have me at the top of their lists right now. Places like Oklahoma, Auburn, LSU and Tennessee want to see how I perform during the season before they offer me.

"I've already got some solid offers under my belt though. Right now I like Stanford (offer), Oklahoma State (offer), LSU, Notre Dame (offer) and Oklahoma as my top five schools. They're all equal for me right now," he said.

"I feel very comfortable with the coaching staff at Stanford. They're a growing program and they've got some great coaches there, but mainly I'm focused on the kind of education I could get from Stanford. I could get a great one there and play Division I football at the same time. It would also help me grow as both a player and a man if I were to go there."

"Oklahoma State is always going to remain up there in my top five," he said. "They were the first school to offer me back when I was a sophomore. They'd have to have seen something in me they really liked to offer me way back then. I know they would really use me on the field if I went there. They've got a great coaching staff there and I really like the fact that I could play as a freshman.

"Coach (Les) Miles from LSU really seems to like me. I'm comfortable with their program because I've known most of those coaches when they were at Oklahoma State. I'm going to get out there in July for both a camp and an unofficial visit. I figure I could kill two birds with one stone by doing that.

"I recently met (Notre Dame) coaches (Charlie) Weis and (Rob) Ianello (receivers/recruiting coordinator) for a second when they came by the school in May. I get a real good vibe from them both. We also talk periodically on the phone and they've been very welcoming to me," he said.

"I also like the way coach (Bob) Stoops coaches. I'm really excited about a verbal from them. I like how he corrects his players and really tries to help them out by not cussing and getting down on them. I've been to a few practices at other college programs where the coaches cuss and really come down on their players when things aren't going right, and that's something that I don't want to be a part of. I also know a lot of guys there on the team," he said.

"I've already declared to the coaches at Stanford that I'm going to be there for an official visit on October 29. I believe that's going to be with their game against UCLA."

3.85 GPA/23 ACT

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