Donnell Williams Commits to Cowboys

Houston Madison linebacker Donnell Williams wrapped up the recruiting process in favor of Oklahoma State on KPRC-Channel 2 in Houston just about a minute or so ago. Earlier Sunday Williams informed that he was done with the recruiting process, knew where he wanted to be, and that he was going to be in Stillwater for the next four to five years of his life. We release that, now, and what the heck, to any and all with an Internet connection – you get a freebie.

Also showing a lot of interest in Williams was Arizona, Arkansas, Florida State, Iowa, Iowa State, Texas and Texas Tech. The 6-foot-2 1/2, 220-pound Williams simply could not resist the urge to become a Cowboy, ending the suspense despite initially planning on taking all five of his allotted official visits.

"I wanted to take my official visits," Williams explained, "But I liked everything when I went down there. I liked the guys they have (in Stillwater). And, they have a lot of Houston guys that are real cool there. And they talk it up. Some of them are not even playing right now, and they're still saying how great it is there. So, you can tell that it's a cool place to be, and to me, I feel like I have a family down there."

Another message hitting home with the Williams was the one head coach Mike Gundy sent in their visits.

"He said, ‘Everything we do here, it will be for the team, and for the player.' And he said that the one thing they wanted from us is ‘something positive.'"

Williams, one of the top-rated linebackers in the state, also added, "Coach Gundy is easy to talk to."

The Southwest Region Hot 100 No. 37 also spoke fondly of Cowboy assistants Curtis Luper and coach Gunter Brewer.

"Coach Luper really can relate to the team and you can see that we're all a family here and that we have a family outside of football here," he said.

Thoughts on Coach Brewer? "He's probably the funniest coach there," Williams said. "He's just got that positive attitude, makes you laugh, and makes you relax a little."

Williams is one of the most impressive specimens I have seen while on the road scouting and touring the Lone Star State prospects. He actually projects at three linebacker spots on the next level. We like him better at MIKE and SAM.

The Cowboy coaches showed him some film of the ‘backers, how they play, pointing out some of the similarities in game they have with the Greater Houston Area standout.

"Everything they do, I'm basically doing it now," Williams said.

With the decision out of the way the Madison linebacker said he can get back to business at hand.

"Making a commitment takes some of the pressure off of me, and I think at times it would have been a little bit harder to lead the team if I was still thinking about what school I was going to go to," Williams said. "And it's much easier to concentrate on the grades and keep the focus on winning a state championship now that it's all behind you."

Williams' message for Cowboy fans: "I think it's time we get on a roll here, and when I get here, I'm going to do my best to lead and carry the team in anyway I can."

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