Q&A With New Cowboy Commitment Donnell Williams

This interview with new OSU recruiting commitment Donnell Williams aired Monday morning on Sports Talk with Robert Allen and Friends. The 6-2 1/2 and 210-pound linebacker out of Houston Madison is one of the highest rated linebackers in Texas. As a junior he was honored for a season that included 132 tackles (more than 70 of which were unassisted). He also had three interceptions. Williams turned down Texas, Texas Tech, Iowa, Arizona and Kansas State among others to commit to Oklahoma State.

RA: How are you Donnell?
Williams: I'm all right. What's going on?

RA: You tell me what is going on. Houston has been hoppin'. Tell me what went on last night.
Williams: I made one of the biggest decisions of my life.

RA: Tell me how recruiting went for you and what led to you making this decision.
Williams: It was basically a blessing. It was a lot of coaches and colleges watching me and everything. It was a lot of offers. It was a good thing, one of the best things for me.

RA: Do you realize how excited you made Oklahoma State fans last night?
Williams: How excited?

RA: Pretty excited. That's about all anybody has been talking about this morning. They are excited about you, Michael and Patrick. Why don't you tell people what kind of player you are? Describe yourself as a linebacker.
Williams: You are going to see one of the best players that you've ever seen, one of the fastest linebackers. I'm very aggressive, with heart, one of the biggest hearts ever, and I'm going to play my best for you all.

RA: What made your mind up to commit to the Cowboys?
Williams: Basically my visit. I loved it. Everything -- the campus, the coaches, the city, everything was nice for me. I enjoyed the people, the fans.

RA: You have that aggressive style and people think middle linebacker, but you also have that speed which makes you think outside linebacker. Do you prefer one over the other?
Williams: It doesn't matter to me. I'm just ready to play.

RA: I've read some previous quotes about how both you and Michael talked about how many players from Houston are at Oklahoma State. How important was that in your decision?
Williams: Very important. You have guys from Houston that are just like a family, that have come together as one team. It's just like family to me. We're all like first cousins.

RA: Congratulations Donnell.
Williams: Go Cowboys!

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