Player Analysis: David Washington

Robert Allen provides analysis in the Summer issue of Go Pokes Magazine of every OSU football player as they enter fall workouts. Throughout the summer we will be running Robert's analysis on Cowboy players.

63, David Washington, C
RS Fr., 6-4, 285, Guthrie, OK
Give the young Guthrie product credit. He was expected to make a push at center this spring and did a good job of learning the offense and is the best on the team at the tricky shotgun snap. His progress was slowed by a case of mononucleosis, but he still came out the spring as the favorite to be the center next season. He is another really good athlete who blocks well on the run and is capable of pulling and blocking down from the center position. Something very important in the new offense is that he is the best at snapping in the shotgun formation. When he was sidelined in spring the snaps were inconsistent.

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