Gundy Hints at Two-Quarterback Rotation

Oklahoma State fans have been anticipating the early practice battle between quarterbacks Donovan Woods and Bobby Reid for the starting job this season. Both quarterbacks have worked hard during summer workouts with each of them dropping nearly 10 pounds and improving their strength and quickness. Woods has the experience and leads entering fall drills but Reid has tremendous potential. Mike Gundy was convincing while talking Thursday that the season could start with a two quarterback rotation.

"I think we will play two quarterbacks in the first game," said Gundy. "Obviously, the competition will go one form this point on. We are fortunate in that we have two players in that position and Al Pena is the third guy in that position that nobody talks about. I think we will play both of them in the first game."

Gundy said that Woods still leads in that experience category, but both have tremendous potential. He also feels that the two are working to get the most out of themselves physically.

"I saw the results of some of the testing somebody put on my desk the other day, they are doing a good job in the weight room, so I would say we play both."

Get Charlie on the Watch List
One of the three players that Gundy brought with him to the media days event in Houston was offensive left tackle Charlie Johnson. Johnson has been a tight end the first three years of his OSU career, but moved to tackle this past spring. He has been the best blocker on the team for a couple of seasons. Few members of the media outside the Cowboy beat realize his talent, but associate athletic director and sports information director Steve Buzzard wants everybody to know him because he will be an all-star candidate at the end of the season.

"The Lombardi Award people (goes to the nation's best lineman) are here and I made sure I talked to them," said Buzzard. "I want to make sure Charlie's name is out there because we know he is very deserving."

Johnson said, "I am enjoying this (doing all the interviews), but my goal is just to play hard, do everything I can to help us win and stay successful, and then maybe I can get paid to do this."

Pinson Loves Summer Program, but Ready to Start Practice
"I'm in the best shape of my life," said OSU linebacker Lawrence Pinson of the summer program and new strength and conditioning coach Rob Glass. "I didn't know my body could look like this and I could do some of the things that I've done with my body this summer."

Pinson said Glass has brought in new drills and techniques he's never seen before and that they work. The heavy running and lifting regime has been more than has ever been done in the summer by the players.

"It's been good, and I like what it has done, but I'm ready to start practice," said Pinson. "I'm really ready to start practice!"

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