Larry Fedora Q&A

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy held his first ever media golf event Monday at Karsten Creek. Gundy seemed to enjoy hosting the writers, broadcasters and other special guests for the round of golf and barbeque dinner. We took the opportunity to speak with offensive coordinator Larry Fedora as practice begins later this week.

GP: You looking forward to later this week and getting started?
Fedora: I've been looking forward to this since July 5th. That's about when I turn my mind from vacation and start thinking football.

GP: How much have you spoke with strength coach Rob Glass on how your offensive players have done in summer workouts?
Fedora: The strength guys are with them and it's all voluntary so we don't really talk about who is there, but more in general about how they are doing and what their attitude is. You know, 'are they enthusiastic about what they are doing?' Those kinds of things are important to me, to see what their expectations are for the season.

GP: You talked in the spring about how retention of what was learned on the offense was important. Have you tried to predict where your players will be starting practice later this week?
Fedora: I'm expecting it to be very high, to be honest with you, I'm planning on moving along at a pace that it better be high or they will behind right off the bat. I've told them where they need to be, and I think most of them will be there.

GP: Mike Gundy said in Houston at the Big 12 Media Days in a convincing tone that we may see both quarterbacks (Donovan Woods and Bobby Reid) in the first couple of games. Is that something you concur with?
Fedora: It could happen. Unless someone really jumps out and takes a big lead over the other one then that is something that could happen early on in the season.

GP: The fans are always wondering what the mixture will be in the offense run versus pass. Do you have an idea what it will be?
Fedora: I have no idea. I've never looked at it that way, that I want to run it this many times or I want to throw it that many times. My deal is just to take advantage of what they are giving us, take advantage of the weakness of the defense. Then at the end of the year the last six or seven years it's been pretty balanced to be honest with you. That's not by design. I don't sit there and say I want to throw it 40 and run it 40 this game. It's just whatever they give us. However, it pans out as long as we're moving the ball and scoring points.

GP: Do you feel pretty good about the offense as a whole, talents and depth?
Fedora: I feel good, but there are a lot of unknowns. Hopefully, we'll have most of those questions answered before we get into the Montana State game.

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