Vance Bedford Q&A

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy held his first ever media golf event Monday at Karsten Creek. Gundy seemed to enjoy hosting the writers, broadcasters, and other special guests for the round of golf and barbeque dinner. We took the opportunity to speak with defensive coordinator Vance Bedford as practice begins later this week.

GP: Are you ready to go?
Bedford: I've been ready to go for two weeks. We came off vacation, and I've been ready to get things going, get to work, and get things done.

GP: Have you talked to strength coach Rob Glass to get any kind of feedback on how your players have done in the summer workouts?
Bedford: I'm excited. For the most part, talking to Rob, the guys have done an outstanding job. Almost all of them passed the conditioning test. I'm ready to go, (and) they're ready to go, lets put the pads on and start hitting somebody.

GP: Where will you pick the defense up later this week. Offensive coordinator Larry Fedora has talked about retention in waht was learned in the spring. How will you determine where to pick it up with your defensive unit?
Bedford: You hope to have some recall, but we're going to start back at level one. We will put in our base defense the first two days. Once we get that in then I feel comfortable that we can move on with some other things.

GP: How much does it help that those linebackers have some tread wear and that they've been through this as seniors so many times?
Bedford: It helps quite a bit. We're going to build our defense around our linebackers right now. They are the strength of the team and we're going to find ways to get all four (Paul Duren, Lawrence Pinson, Pagitte McGee and Jamar Ransom) of them on the football field at one time.

GP: In the secondary there has been talk of position moves, like Jamie Thompson to corner. Have you decided on anything you are going to do to help the depth there?
Bedford: There's always concern, and we are going to have to play some young guys early on. Again, with the things we are doing defensively it will enable some young guys to step in and be successful. I believe the guys that we're here in the spring will do the kind of job that will give us a chance to win week in and week out.

GP: Who is the key guy in the secondary? Who do you expect to quarterback and lead that secondary?
Bedford: I think Jamie (Thompson) has got to be the quarterback of the entire defense, not just the secondary. He has to be our leader in getting guys lined up and getting guys running to the ball. He needs to understand how to play three or four positions in order for us to have success.

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