Larry Fedora Q&A

Robert Allen talked with offensive coordinator Larry Fedora on Saturday.

GP: Are you pleased with the offensive players retention of the offense early in practice?
Fedora: Very pleased. I was very impressed that we were farther along on the first day than we were on the last day of spring ball. It's like we went to day 16. We stopped on 15 at the end of spring (and we came back on 16 and didn't have to go back to day four and reteach. We are teaching for the freshmen and the young guys and the guys that weren't getting the reps in spring ball. The guys that were getting the reps are right where I needed them to be.

GP: To us watching practice, it appears the run game is a little sharper than the passing offense. Is that a fair comment?
Fedora: I would say that we are going to be farther ahead in the running game because one, that is something they are more used to doing because of the past than throwing the football. We have farther to go in the throwing game.

GP: You knew from one of our conversations this summer that the quarterbacks had trimmed down and were slimmer, but the running backs also impressed you with the shape they came in, especially Mike Hamilton, right?
Fedora: I think both of them have. Julius Crosslin looks good too. If you talked to Rob (Glass) specifically he could tell you how much body fat they lost and how much muscle mass they put on, and I think you'd be impressed with what those two guys accomplished over the summer.

GP: Can you more clearly project how far you are going to be able to go into your playbook and the direction the offense will go?
Fedora: It's just two days and in shorts. That is hard to tell you. There are so many factors that are going to dictate that. You get a couple of injuries in a spot, you know how that goes, you get an injury here or an injury there and you have to put in a guy that doesn't know as much or doesn't do as much and then you've gone as far as you go. If we can stay healthy and everybody keeps progressing then I'm hoping we can have plenty of offense in for us to be successful this season.

GP: You were concerned at wide receiver. I know it's early but have you seen some answers there so far in practice?
Fedora: First of all, the retention was great. The retention was great, so those guys we didn't have to start over with and that was big. Now I have Chijuan Mack out there getting reps and in the spring he didn't get a single rep and that's a plus. D'Juan (Woods) is better than he was on the 15th day of spring practice. Tommy (Devereaux) is more comfortable. Luke (Frazier) is doing some nice things. Greg Gold is now taking reps at wide receiver and Seth's (Newton) hamstrings are good to go. You have all those factors and 6-3 Kenny Williams who made some plays at the end of spring and Errick McCown is getting some reps. Then you throw in Ricky Price and Jeremy Broadway. Yesterday Broadway made some great catches and the day before Ricky made some nice plays. It's good to see that they've got the ability to do it. Now can they handle college football and all the things that go into being a college player? It's not just going out to play the game. If it was then it would be easy for all of us. If they are mature enough to handle all of those things then they can help us this season.

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