One-on-One with Lawrence Pinson

Linebacker Lawrence Pinson has started 18 games -- including all 12 in 2004 -- during his three years at OSU. He's hoping to go out with a bang in this his senior season. Pinson recently visited with Jason Trout for a conversation ranging from the smoothest talker on the team to the team's biggest suck up. You'll enjoy what he had to say.

GP: Paul Duren claims that you're the best smooth-talker on the team. Is that true?
Pinson: I'm not a ladies man. I just got a lot of friends.

GP: Who is the worst at smooth talking?
Pinson: Rodrick Johnson. He is horrible because he will use the line 'Hi, my name is Rodrick Johnson and I play football.' He's not good at all.

GP: What is your favorite kind of music?
Pinson: Rap, R&B and Gospel.

GP: Who has the worst car on the team?
Pinson: Grant Jones. I don't even know what kind it is.

GP: Who is the biggest suck-up on the team?
Pinson: Pagitte McGee. He is always going up to the coaches and asking them how they're doing.

GP: Who is your favorite newcomer?
Pinson: Ryan McBean. He works hard every time he goes out on the field.

GP: Who is your favorite new coach?
Pinson: Coach (Todd) Bradford. He is funny, and when he is trying to be serious during the meetings, we always crack him up. He has a sense of humor.

GP: Which player jokes around the most?
Pinson: Hands down to Jerry Don Bray.

GP: What are your goals this season?
Pinson: To have a good season, stay healthy and give it my all since it's my last season. Leadership is also important to me this season because I don't know what God has in store for me after this year.

GP: Who has been your favorite player to play at Oklahoma State?
Pinson: Barry Sanders. The way he made people miss was crazy.

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