One-on-One with Charlie Johnson

Charlie Johnson was moved to left tackle this past spring after spending his first three years as a Cowboy at tight end. Johnson added about 30 pounds to his 6-foot-4 frame (up to 305 pounds) and is expected to be a standout on the offensive line. Johnson recently visited with Jason Trout and discussed a number of topics.

GP: How has the change been from tight end to offensive tackle?
Johnson: It has been a smooth change. A lot of techniques have carried over into the tackle position.

GP: Who is the best dressed player on the team?
Johnson: Greg Gold. He is very color oriented, his shoes always match his shirts and he has glasses to match everything. He is just a sharp looking guy.

GP: Who has the best car?
Johnson: Kenneth Williams. He has his new Altima with the dubs on it. He keeps it clean and shinny all the time.

GP: What is your favorite type of music?
Johnson: I like all kinds of music.

GP: Who is your favorite new coach?
Johnson: Coach Wickline. The relationship has been good. He is a great coach because he will go over just about anything. He does a good job helping us develop our techniques.

GP: Who has been your favorite OSU football player of all time?
Johnson: Barry Sanders. I seen highlights of him and the things he did were unreal.

GP: Who has been your favorite newcomer?
Johnson: Noah Franklin. I have been impressed with him because he came in during the summer and lifted a ton of weights. He is working hard at practice and I can see him getting better.

GP: Who is the biggest suck-up on the team?
Johnson: Pagitte McGee. He is bad because he is always following the coaches around.

GP: Being a senior, how important is leadership?
Johnson: Leadership is important for me because it'?s my last season. I'?m not that vocal on the field, but see myself trying to lead by example with other players watching me.

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