Tommy Devereaux Q&A

GP: How's practice going so far?
Devereaux: It's real good. It's real good.

GP: What's different about this year than last year for you?
Devereaux: This year is much better. I had to redshirt last year because of my size. This year it's a whole new offense, I'm a possession receiver, I've gained a couple of pounds ... It's a great offense. You've got to be in shape and know the plays.

GP: How much do you expect to contribute this season?
Devereaux: I expect to contribute a lot. I play the slot, and the slot receiver is the open field guy. You've got to find the open spot, read the defense and just get open. We get a lot of first looks (from the quarterback).

GP: So you like this offense?
Devereaux: Oh, yeah. This offense at Florida (with Larry Fedora as offensive coordinator) led the conference last year, and the slot receiver led the conference. I just think it's a good offense for us. We've got D'Juan (Woods) who is a heck of a player, and the defense is going to be looking towards him and if the slot receiver gets open, finds the open spot on the field, he should catch some passes.

GP: Did your performance in the final spring scrimmage (seven catches for 86 yards) give you some confidence heading into the fall?
Devereaux: Yeah, that was my practice. It gave me a lot of confidence. It gave me a lot to look forward to all summer to get better, to get stronger, to get faster.

GP: How does this year's coaching staff compare to last season's?
Devereaux: It's a very fast tempo. You can't jog nowhere. You've got to run everywhere. It's just a fast tempo.

GP: Does it matter to you who is the starting quarterback?
Devereaux: No, it really doesn't. I think both of them (Donovan Woods and Bobby Reid) are good. It's kinda good that we have depth at that position because if one of them gets hurt then we can have another one come in with the same equal ability. Both of them can run, both of them can throw and I love both of them to death. It really wouldn't matter to me.

GP: Talk a little bit about the receiving corps.
Devereaux: It's kind of different because we have quite a few guys who don't have a lot of game experience. We just have to grow up. Chijuan Mack is back, and he played last year and has some experience. D'Juan has a lot of experience. Other players need to step up and make up their minds to relax and play.

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