Practice Report 11: Mother Nature Disrupts Workout

Oklahoma State head athletic trainer Terry Noonan came running on the practice field waving at head coach Mike Gundy. The winds had already picked up and the sky was starting to spit with ominous black clouds just over the south side of The Athletic Center. Quarterback Robert Reid scrambled to his right on a broken play and Gundy blew the whistle signaling the squad to head for cover.

That was the end of a 25-minute practice that was moved up 30 minutes to 4:15 p.m. to try and get as much in before the expected thunder, lightning, 70 mph winds, and torrential rains hit the Cowboy football headquarters.

The squad stayed under cover on The Athletic Center portico for about 10 minutes before Gundy gave the staff and players direction to head to the meeting room for meetings and video study. Offense later went to the practice gym for a walk-through and the defense took up residence on the Athletic Center concourse. Practice was officially done, at least outside.

It's not a bad thing entirely – a rainstorm during two-a-days and preseason camp can really invigorate a team. As the squad was running for cover players were whooping it up as they escaped the muggiest day of camp so far. Wide receiver D'Juan Woods stopped to mock a post practice interview sensing that the hard work was done for the afternoon.

"We really worked hard, and I think the execution on offense was the best it's been since practice started," mocked Woods.

Even Gundy smiled a little, probably remembering an August thunderstorm that gave he and his teammates a little relief and a reprieve from a Pat Jones practice. There is no doubt that the players will have plenty of time to get their legs back for the Saturday scrimmage.

Friday afternoon's practice consisted of agilities, stretch, an extra point/field goal drill consisting of four kicks, and six plays of team work as the coaches sensed the impending storm and sped up on the practice schedule to the team period skipping about 12 periods of the practice.

As the winds picked up quarterback Donovan Woods hit Greg Gold in the flat to the left. The second play was an option left with Woods pitching to Hamilton. The third play was a short out route from Woods to Tommy Devereaux. Play four was a pitch sweep right to Calvin Roberts. Bobby Reid took over on play five with a read option handoff to Julius Crosslin. Play six was the bust and the run for cover.

That's it. On the field goal drill, walk-on kicker Bruce Redden hit kicks from 27 and 32 yards. He missed right on a 37-yard try before wrapping it up with a 57-yarder through the pipes.

Now it's on to Saturday and the 11 a.m. scrimmage. The areas for fan viewing are already roped off with the west end area that has been used so far still the same. Access is through the middle of the west end of the fence. The north area is all roped off and can be accessed through the gate adjacent to the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Fans are asked to be cooperative and stay inside the roped off areas. Head coach Mike Gundy and OSU officials know its not the best viewing conditions but with the turf being completed in the stadium it's the best they can do.

Speaking of the turf, project consultant Dan Almond of Millinneum Sports is in town and reports that the entire Football Pro turf project in Boone Pickens Stadium should be completed by Aug. 21. The target date was Aug. 24, so it could be early. The surface is almost completely glued and attached. The next step is numerals and the rest of the field markings, including decorations. The final step will be the rubber granular infill on the surface.

Finally, in lieu of notes, still no word on the status of offensive lineman Corey Curtis, who remains absent after leaving camp.

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