Monday's Scrimmage: Stats

Scrimmage stats from Monday's scrimmage in Ponca City. 118-play scrimmage on Monday, Aug. 15 Sullins Stadium, Ponca City

Goal line scrimmage (ball starts at defensive 4-yard line)
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden 22-yd field goal
Bobby Reid 2-yd run, PAT-Good
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden 21-yd field goal
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden 35-yd field goal

Regular Scrimmage (ball starts at offensive 25-yard line)
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden 22-yd field goal (Drive, 7 plays, 73 yards)

Red Zone Scrimmage (ball starts at the defensive 25-yard line)
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden 42-yd field goal
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden 47-yd field goal
D'Juan Woods 13-yd pass from Donovan Woods, PAT-Good
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden 41-yd field goal
D'Juan Woods 19-yd pass from Donovan Woods, PAT-Good

Offensive Statistics

Julius Crosslin 16 att. for 33 yds. (long-8 yds)
Calvin Roberts 6 att. for 31 yds. (long-14 yds)
Mike Hamilton 15 att. for 31 yds. (long-11 yds)
Lance Limbrick 5 att. for 20 yds. (long-16 yds)
Donovan Woods 7 att. for 4 yds. (long-12 yds)
Bobby Reid 6 att. for 0 yds., 1 TD (long-5 yds)
Luke Frazier 1 att. for 0 yds.
Zac Robinson 2 att. for -10 yds.
Al Pena 5 att. for -15 yds.

Passing (Att-Comp-Int)
Donovan Woods 14-10-0, 139 yds., 2 TDs (long-44 yds)
Robert Reid 11-5-1, 24 yds., (long-18 yds)
Al Pena 7-3-1, 25 yds., (long-11 yds)
Zac Robinson 2-1-0, 16 yds.
Mike Freiss 3-1-0, 7 yds.

D'Juan Woods 5 rec. for 72 yds., 2 TDs, (long-23 yds)
Luke Frazier 3 rec. for 54 yds., (long-44 yds)
Greg Gold 3 rec. for 21 yds., (long-8 yds)
Mike Hamilton 2 rec. for 14 yds., (long-18 yds)
Seth Newton 2 rec. for 10 yds., (long-6 yds)
Tommy Devereaux 2 rec. for 4 yds., (long-3 yds)
Errick McCown 1 rec. for 11 yds.
Julius Crosslin 1 rec. for 9 yds.
Jeremy Broadway 1 rec. for 7 yds.
Ricky Price 1 rec. for 7 yds.

Matt Fodge 5 for 200 yds (avg. 40 yds)
Cole Reynolds 6 for 207 yds. (avg. 34.5 yds)

Field Goals/PAT Kicking
Bruce "Sunshine" Redden, PAT 3 for 3, FG 7 for 7 (long-47 yds)

Defensive Statistics

Quinton Moore, 1 for 38 yds
Martel Van Zant, 1 for 0 yds

Fumble Recoveries
Jamie Thompson, 1 (also forced the fumble)

Passes Broken Up
Victor DeGrate (1)
Daniel McLemore (1)
Maurice Cummings (1)

Victor DeGrate 1 for 9 yds
Larry Brown 1 for 7 yds
Darnell Smith 1 for 5 yds
Lawrence Pinson 1 for 1 yd
Ryan McBean 1/2 for 7 yds
Xavier Lawson-Kennedy 1/2 for 7 yds

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