Willis Charges May Be Dropped

Multiple sources indicated today that Oklahoma State senior fullback Shawn Willis got lured into a bad situation early Sunday morning and was not initially charged with burglarizing the trailer home residence of a former girlfriend. Stillwater police took Willis into custody after answering a 911 call at 5:30 a.m. from the residence.

The initial police report alledged that Willis beat on the doors and windows of the trailer home, forced his way into the trailer, damaged a bedroom door, and threatened bodily harm to a male guest of the resident.

Monday, the former girlfriend and resident of the trailer home filed an affadavit at the Payne County Courthouse stating that she had called Willis to come over, that he was allowed into the trailer home willingly, and that the male guest had been the one to make the 911 call. Willis may be guilty of bad judgment in going to the trailer home, but not of burglary.

There is no word on whether charges have been dropped, but it would be a strong assumption that they would. Stillwater Police indicated in their written report that Willis was cooperative throughout their contact with him.

Willis was absent from meetings and practice on Sunday. Head coach Mike Gundy was reportedly looking into the incident Monday, but there was no report of any change of Willis' status with the team.

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