Practice Report 19: Cowboys Work Out in Ponca City

After a day off for the first day of classes the Cowboys were back at it in a two-hour, 20-minute practice Tuesday at Sullins Stadium in Ponca City. The wide ranging practice had the Cowboys working on a variety of situations and special teams. Oklahoma State practices are closed the remainder of the season, but Mike Gundy met with the media after practice and briefed them on the workout and his thoughts. Gundy started with the topic of his team's toughness, which he feels is improving.

"I think we are more physical now, but we still have a ways to go," said the first-year head coach and former Cowboy quarterback. "We still have to get ready for the first game. We are considerably better than we were a week ago. The young guys just have to learn how fast things move and how much contact there is on game day, and as coaches we have to do the best we can to simulate it."

Gundy felt there wasn't any drop off coming back after giving the team the first day of classes off from practice.

"Usually the first day of classes practice is not good at all," said Gundy. "This year we decided to give them the first day of classes off and come back, and I thought it was considerably better than what I remember of the first day of school. We came up here and got cranked up. We had some heat the first hour and a half, which was good.

"We started to work more on Montana State. I thought we had a good practice. You control what you can control. My concern with coming up here is the time they are losing with their studies. We are losing close to three hours that the players could be studying and the coaches could be recruiting or looking at tape. The game preparation doesn't concern me, but that time lost does concern me."

Gundy added that the Cowboys will scrimmage, likely back in Ponca City on Wednesday, and then a shorter scrimmage on Friday. He added that the next three practices are very important.

"We really only have about three practices left," said Gundy of leading up to the opener. "We will really taper down next week. We'll be really different around here on game week because of our philosophy, and that's why we'll scrimmage hard tomorrow, practice Thursday and scrimmage Friday, and hopefully keep them healthy."

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