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Mike Gundy did not name a starter at quarterback on Tuesday, and trying to read Gundy's thoughts on the battle for the starting spot between incumbent Donovan Woods and talented redshirt freshman Robert Reid isn;t getting any easier.

"It was about the same. Donovan played well and Bobby shows signs of playing well and hits a few plays and then misses a few," said Gundy. "It's kind of what we talked about from the start, other than a few days and some things I saw, it's about the same. You see that steady pace and then you see a guy really show signs of greatness and then make some mistakes and the other guy is steady. It's about the same."

Gundy added that it is not a given that Donovan will start the opener with Montana State on Sept. 3.

"As soon as we think we know what is exactly the best for the team in the first game then we'll announce it," said Gundy of making the starting quarterback decision public. "Every game is different, we think we know what we have to do on offense and defense to win the game. We will try to put our people in the right places to win the game. The only thing we are worried about right now is Montana State."

Despite being charged with three misdemeanor charges following a scene early Sunday morning at his former girlfriend's trailer home, Cowboy senior fullback Shawn Willis is still on the OSU squad. Willis missed practice and meetings on Sunday but was back for the Tuesday practice.

"Shawn is still on the team, and I am going to discipline him within the program," said Gundy. "I've got all the information now and I still have a couple of other people to talk to before I make a final decision. He does not deserve to be dismissed from the team for what happened. Once I get all the information, and I will spend some more time talking with the police and any one else involved, but from the information I have he does not deserve to be dismissed from the team."

While most of the special teams starting assignments were passed out on Monday with walk-on junior Bruce Redden being named to handle the kicking chores, freshman Matt Fodge selected as the punter, and Chase Holland the holder, the deep snap assignments weren't known until Tuesday. Senior Brian Jeffries will handle the deep snaps on punts, while freshman walk-on Zach Allen will snap on extra points and field goals. The two will back up each other on the two situations.

Jeffries is a former member of the Air Foirce Academy football squad. In addition to being a backup deep snapper, he has played linebacker and covered on special team units in his time at Oklahoma State.

Allen was an All-State center at Edmond Memorial last season who has also deep snapped for four years on the varsity in high school.

Daniel McLemore will return punts and be backed up by Tommy Devereaux. McLemore and fellow cornerback Grant Jones will return kickoffs.

Redden, who is known by the nickname "Sunshine" after the character in the movie "Remember the Titans," has also changed numbers. In practice up until now he has worn 57, but he will now sport jersey No. 10.

Mother Nature has made it tough on Oklahoma State's new natural grass practice fields in the past three days, dumping nearly three inches of rain on them. While running Tuesday, head coach Mike Gundy remembered hearing that several past events had used a helicopter to help dry wet playing fields. Gundy put out the call to Oklahoma City's News Nine and they came through with Ranger 9 to hover over the OSU practice field.

"When we called them they said they'd be there in 30 minutes," said Gundy, who added that he offered to pay for the service and Channel 9 refused. "The grass people came over and said it was good because the water that was standing on the surface, it blew it off. I went over and watched it for a second and those tarps (on the fence) were all the way up in the air. It's amazing how much wind it creates and there is heat involved with that too. It couldn't hurt. If that gets us on the field earlier that is good because it will allow our players more time to study."

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