Poke Practice Notes

After the Cowboys scrimmage on Friday they would like to come back on Saturday and have a dress rehearsal - something head coach Mike Gundy always particpated in as a player with Pat Jones as head coach. Jones would have all players put on game uniforms to make sure everything was ready. He would also have the headphones from the press box to the field hooked up and then his team went through a scripted walk through that would bring up every scenario that could happen and some that wouldn't.

The question is will the Cowboys be able to use the stadium if Gundy opts for a similar activity? The new surface in the stadium is running behind because of the weather.

"They haven't been able to glue anything for two days because the surface is wet," said Gundy. "I've yelled at them enough."

A full crew of Big 12 Conference officials and a few extras showed up to work the scrimmage on Wednesday. On Saturday there were some major penalties that either caused drives to stay alive or prematurely ended them frustrating the coaching staff. On Wednesday few flags touched the ground.

"Much better. We had a few procedure penalties I was unhappy with but those we can clean up," said Gundy of a lack of flags. "We didn't have as many of what I would call mental errors. I felt a lot better about this scrimmage."

Asked and answered on Tuesday, Gundy was asked again about senior fullback Shawn Willis and whether his arrest on three misdemeanors resulting from a Sunday mroning situation at his ex-girlfriend's trailer home would cause him to be dismissed from the team or miss playing time. Gundy said he had most all of the information and Willis will be disciplined internally but will remain a member of the team. Gundy also used the question to point out that the media may have jumped the gun and been unfair to Willis with their reporting of the incident.

"Last I heard there was not a burglary charge. Isn't that correct?" said Gundy getting nods of yes from the media. "I know that was the last I heard. It's a bad deal. He gets the headlines with that charge and it ends up not being that charge."

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