Cowboys Put In Short Practice Before Scrimmage

The Cowboys, with the final preseason scrimmage scheduled for Friday and just one day removed from a 70-75 play full speed round up, went through a brisk one-hour, 30-minute practice Thursday in helmets, shoulder pads and shorts. This practice really focused on working against what the Cowboys expect to see from Montana State on offense and defense.

"We just went through a shorter workout today with a 60-70 play scrimmage tomorrow," said Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy. "(It was a) shorter workout and we just worked on some fundamentals and a lot on Montana State. We've been working on Montana State for about a week and we're into it pretty deep right now."

Gundy seemed happy with the effort in practice, but as a good head coach should he is showing concerns about his team's opening opponent. Montana State is ranked 18th in the Division I-AA preseason poll.

"Obviously, their quarterback gives them a chance to win every game," said Gundy. "I've said that several times that when you have a quarterback that is potentially in an NFL camp or could make an NFL roster then you have a chance. They have some receivers that can make plays, a running back that we haven't seen a lot of but is supposed to have good feet and make plays, a couple of offensive linemen that are good players, and some linebackers that have some maturity.

"It's funny when you watch them on tape, some of those schools get classified by the level they are at or the conference they are in," Gundy continued, "but when you have three or four players that can make plays on both sides of the ball then you have a chance in any game that you are in. They do a good job of coaching and I keep going back that if you have a quarterback that can make plays then you have a chance."

Friday will be back to scrimmage work, some likely against scout teams imitating Montana State. It will be an important session to finalize the depth chart for the opening game. However, the most important factor Friday will be to keep everybody healthy.

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