Poke Practice Notes

After Thursday's practice Mike Gundy was asked about being just a week away from his first college game as a head coach and his excitement level. Gundy answered with a reply Pink Floyd would be proud of.

"I noticed today watching the players that you always run into the wall, that you are tired of practicing and hitting on each other, tired of going against each other and you want to play a game," said the first-year head coach. "I feel the same way. We've got four more practices where we need to get some work out of them and then we'll cut back. We need to go play a game."

The Boone Pickens Stadium turf is supposed to be ready for Saturday and Gundy will reprise an old trick from the Pat Jones coaching manual, a dress rehearsal. It was an annual tradition that Gundy was a part of as a starting quarterback for the Cowboys in the late 1980s.

"It gives us an opportunity to do just what it says, it's a mock game," explained Gundy. "Our players will put the game uniforms on and go through pregame stretch. There are so many things involved in game day activities that so many people don't think of. Then we have so many freshmen that are going to have to play in the game, and I feel like we needed to be in a 116-play mock game that will go through. The shock can be lessened when we go through the real thing on September 3rd."

The script for the rehearsal covers a lot of items, including head phones going out, equipment problems and more. "We've covered everything, we even put instant replay in this one," Gundy said. "We try to set up a scenario for everything that could potentially happen in a game."

Gundy said the Cowboys would even start the rehearsal by practicing "The Walk" from the Atherton Hotel to the stadium.

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