Lawrence Pinson Q&A

Middle linebacker Lawrence Pinson can't wait for Saturday night's season opener against Montana State to get here. The 6-foot-1, 245-pound senior says Cowboy fans will also be pumped up when they see the OSU defense flying around to the ball in defensive coordinator Vance Bedford's new attacking scheme. We had the chance to sit down and visit with Pinson for a few minutes earlier this week.

GP: What's different heading into this season opener than the previous few years?
Pinson: I think going into this game we are a lot more prepared. I know you guys probably heard about our mock scrimmage on Saturday. We were actually out there on the field in our game jerseys, having real game situations. Whereas in the past few years we'd just practice and go out there and play the game. I wouldn't say that we were prepared (in the past), but I definitely think we're better prepared with the mock scrimmage and everybody being prepared for the different situations. And, it's a whole new attitude with it being a home game (opener) since I've been here. It's a whole new attitude with new coaches, new stadium, new turf.

GP: How much does the new defense that defensive coordinator Vance Bedford brought in help you?
Pinson: It definitely helps the linebackers. There are three of us out there on the field which is definitely going to help us stop the run a lot better. As a defense it allows 11 guys to get to the ball at all times. I think that's definitely going to help us create turnovers, be more effective against the run and stop the passing game.

GP: Do you believe this is going to be the best defensive in your four years at OSU?
Pinson: I think so. Just the whole attitude of the defense has changed. Before it's been, we'll create turnovers but we'll let them rush for 300 yards. We don't want that attitude anymore. We're stingy, our defense is going to be stingy. We don't want them to get anything. We don't want them to score. We don't even want to settle for a field goal. So I think the whole attitude of the defense has changed – it's real aggressive. I really believe it's going to be the best defense since I've been here.

GP: The linebacking corp, yourself, Paul Duren, Pagitte McGee and Jamar Ransom, is considered the strength of this defense. Do the four of you talk about stepping up and getting the job done this season?
Pinson: Definitely. I think like what coach Bedford says that if this defense is going to be good it has to start with the linebackers. With us having four seniors, we have a lot of experience, we've been in the game situations and we know what to do. We've kinda taken it upon ourselves that we've got to get better each day and almost play perfectly, almost flawlessly, and hopefully we can do that.

GP: What should Cowboy fans expect from this defense?
Pinson: We're going to fly around and make plays. Like coach Bedford was saying, last year he watched highlight tapes and there weren't enough defensive plays on there. There were a lot of big pass plays and big runs. I definitely think on next year's highlight tape there will be a lot of big hits.

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