One-on-One with Bobby Reid

Bobby Reid made his long-awaited debut for the Cowboys in Saturday night's opener against Montana State. He quarterbacked three series and also appeared as a slot receiver throughout the game. He completed one of the two passes he threw for 17 yards, caught two passes for 16 yards and rushed six times for a game-high 82 yards. We visited with the redshirt freshman quarterback/receiver during Monday's media luncheon in Stillwater.

Question: How did it feel to finally get out and play in a game after 18 months?
Reid: It was the second most exciting feeling I've ever felt in my life.

Question: What was first?
Reid: When we won state (at Galena Park North Shore High School in Texas) on my birthday (on Dec. 13).

Question: You only got to throw two passes on Saturday night. You impressed everyone with your running abilities but are you ready to show them that you can throw the ball too?
Reid: The coaches brought their package to the table and I'm up for whatever is going to help the teams win. The people saw that I can run and make plays with my feet but I do want to show that I'm not just a runner but a passer also.

Question: Are you anxious to drop back and throw the ball in a real game?
Reid: Oh yeah. I'm just ready to let it fly and let things go. I've been doing it in practice but it's a lot different (in a game) with the crowds, the band and it really starts to count. That's when I really want to show what I can do.

Question: Do you think you'll get more opportunities to throw the ball this week?
Reid: Yeah, I think I will. I'm not going to push it or make it a big issue. I'm just going to wait for my (chances) to come.

Question: Have the coaches indicated you'll get more opportunities against Florida Atlantic?
Reid: No, we haven't even talked about it. We've just been studying film so far.

Question: When did you know that you were going to be in the starting lineup in the opener? When did you know the first play was going to be a pass to you?
Reid: I knew about a week ago.

Question: The first play?
Reid: No, I didn't know it was going to be the first play until last Wednesday.

Question: Is it OK with you to be used like you were last week?
Reid: It's all right with me, but I'm a quarterback before anything. I came here to play quarterback and I'm going to stay at quarterback. If I've got to help the team out, I'll help the team out.

Question: Would you like it if they told you that you were moving to receiver permanently?
Reid: I wouldn't like it all. What I did Saturday, I've never done that much ever in my life. I've always played quarterback. We had a couple toss passes or quarterback sneaks (in high school) but I've never lined up as a wide out and caught a pass.

Question: Did you enjoy it?
Reid: It was fun. You know, the first play of the game kinda shook me up a little bit because I didn't know what to expect –I'm out there trying to get my feet wet, and it went good.

Question: Coach Gundy said that this offense has packages with Donovan as a receiver and as a running back. How many different ways are there to get the ball into yours and Donovan's hands?
Reid: From what coach has said the sky's the limit.

Question: Did you notice how long Donovan held his block on the reverse that you ran to gain 18 yards?
Reid: In the game I thought I was coming around a lot faster than I was. Coach told me I wasn't. I said ‘Are you serious?' (While watching film), coach had his watch out and was saying one day has gone by I was still coming around. Donovan held his block to keep the defender away from me. I was reading the defender and didn't know if he was coming in or out, and I didn't want to mess up Donovan's block and I fell. I thought my knee hit the ground but it didn't.

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