Woods, Reid: Brotherhood Of QBs

A road game will be good for the Cowboys right now and the short week could be an advantage as well. My guess is both Donovan Woods and Bobby Reid could spend a little time away from campus and Stillwater. The two full-time quarterbacks and part-time slot receivers have heard reviews on the quarterback position from Saturday's opener with Montana State. Those reviews were preceded by the constant curiosity of the fans with the quarterback position throughout practice in August.

A trip out of town may not be a bad thing for the pair and their teammates. The Cowboy fans have started weighing in with their votes on the quarterback situation this week, and most seem to favor Reid. The media is chiming in too as they haven't been able to talk or write about anything else. Offensive linemen have no chance of a mention these days.

While the fans and media are clamoring over the quarterbacks, the two players, their teammates, and the coaching staff have kept the situation healthy. The stance of the coaching staff that both players have talents to offer to help the team win has validity. The players on offense recognize what each of the quarterbacks have to offer, and the two players themselves have maintained a relationship that is solid and they have a mutual respect and admiration for each other.

"Right, we're in the meeting room and have been together since he got up here," Woods said of his friendship with Reid. "We have a lot of the same thoughts and we're thinking very much alike. It was good to have him out there (on the field). It was almost like having another brother out there."

"Having him out there is kind of like a safety net for me because he's been in the fire, he's been out there against the Texas', the OU's, the Texas A&M's and the other Big 12 teams," Reid said of Woods. "So having him out there was like a safety net for me. If everything goes right on his part then that makes it easier for me. I'm pretty hyped that he would think of me as a brother. Donovan and I really don't think of the competition. I know for sure that Donovan is all about winning games, whatever it takes, so quarterbacks are the leader on the field and you have to make sacrifices. Some of your soldiers aren't going to like it, but it's for the betterment of the team and I think we both think that way."

The truth of the matter is that Woods was the better passer in August practices and scrimmages, completing more passes and throwing fewer interceptions. Woods' experience includes a strong sense of protecting the ball and knowing when and where to throw as well as when to throw it in the stands. Reid is improving in that area and after Saturday's game there is no doubt that, while Woods is a talented runner, Reid has an incredible gift of getting around the corner and exploding for long gains. Both players can catch the ball. Reid saw some of that duty in the opener and Woods could very well see some in Florida. Woods explained that it really isn't that hard to play another position for a quarterback.

"Yes, every quarterback in the meeting room could (step in at another position), at least in our meeting room could," said Woods. "We know what everyone is doing."

Go ahead and pick your favorite - because just about everybody has - but the hope is that by late Thursday night as the Cowboys are winging their way home, Florida Atlantic coach Howard Schnellenberger and his Owls will be having nightmares about each of them.

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