OSU-Florida Atlantic: Who Will Win?

Florida Atlantic is good enough on offense in the passing game to give OSU trouble, but to be really effective the Owls need to be able to run the football. To be honest, at this stage, Kansas is probably a little better defensively than Oklahoma State but not by much. The Jayhawks only allowed FAU 70 yards rushing and I believe OSU can keep it close to that.

That would mean that the Owls will have to rely on big plays. They had three big plays against Kansas and their last touchdown came on the last play of regulation. If OSU mounts a good pass rush on FAU quarterback Danny Embick then I can't see the Owls scoring more than two touchdowns or a touchdown and a field goal.

The Cowboys offense should be better, with fewer mistakes than a week ago. The game plan should be similar to what Kansas did last Saturday. The Jayhawks bullied the lighter defensive front players of FAU and rushed for 244 yards. OSU, even in a spread set, can do the same and the Cowboys still can go to the I-formation with two tight ends. They showed that late in the first half against Montana State. Remember the way to beat speed is run straight at it.

Cowboys make fewer mistakes, stretch their muscles a little and spoil Florida Atlantic's Division I national TV debut. OSU 31, Florida Atlantic 14.

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