One-on-One with Jamar Ransom

Jamar Ransom has played in 37 games during his four-year Oklahoma State career... but he has yet to start one for the Cowboys. But that streak may end soon if he keeps playing like he did in last week's victory over Florida Atlantic. Ransom, who moved to linebacker this season after playing the previous three seasons in the secondary, had the best game of his career in Miami, finishing with eight tackles, two quarterback sacks, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery.

OSU head coach Mike Gundy said the coaching staff doesn't think of Ransom as a second stringer. "We don't consider him ... he's almost like a sixth man in basketball," Gundy said. "He can start and play but we rotate him in all the time. We kinda consider him as a starter. If you watch him practice, if you watch him here in the facility, if you watch on game day, he has a smile on his face and he loves to play the game. That attitude has become infectious amongst our defense."

GP: Let's start by talking about last week's game against Florida Atlantic. You had a game-high eight tackles, two quarterback sacks, forced two fumbles and recovered another one. That's a pretty dominant performance. How do you explain it?
Ransom: Coach Bedford put us in a position to be successful, and we're just trying to go out there and have fun. We went out there and tried to attack the offense as much as we possibly could, and it just played out for us.

GP: Was that your best game ever?
Ransom: It's definitely the best game since I've been here. Seeing the confidence the coaches have put in us, it just felt really comfortable for me out there. I just enjoyed myself and try to have fun out there.

GP: Why are you so much more comfortable than in the past?
Ransom: I think it's the coaching styles. Coach (Todd) Bradford and coach (Vance) Bedford approach you differently. I don't know how to put it in words but the teaching is just different. You can ask questions really quick and can understand better. It just really helps you get a better understanding of the game plan.

GP: This defense has been impressive so far. Is there a chance this defense is going to get better?
Ransom: I think so. I think when we're able to get out there and show coach Bedford that we're able to scheme with his mind... you know we've seen a lot of things he wants to do, and it's out there. Just trying to get used to it and get some games under our belt before we start turning things up.

GP: Does that mean that there are bigger and better things to come for Jamar Ransom?
Ransom: I hope so. I'm just going to continue to work hard, and hopefully go out there and keep producing.

GP: Some people still aren't convinced that this defense is the real deal after wins over Division I-AA Montana State and Florida Atlantic. Can you keep playing like this in Big 12 play?
Ransom: I think so. Montana State and Florida Atlantic, you've still got to give them credit. They're still D-I programs, although Montana State is I-AA, but they still play football, just like we do. Like I said, as we progress we should be even better and we should be able to take this into the Big 12.

GP: Did your performance against Florida Atlantic surprise you or did you know you had the ability to do?
Ransom: I just like to play the game of football. I just try to go out there and work hard, and just try to have fun while I'm doing it. A lot of good things come out of that when you go in there with a positive attitude. I really just want to go in and have fun.

GP: How much do you enjoying the attacking nature of this defense?
Ransom: I think that's becoming real common. In the NFL (this past Sunday) you saw that a lot. I think it fits us perfectly. We've got a lot of guys who like to headhunt, so I think it's a good defense for us.

GP: Why is it a good defense for this team?
Ransom: I just think a lot of guys are really into going in there and making the play rather than sitting around and waiting for somebody else to make the play. I think we have a lot of senior leadership on the defense where people want to go out there and want to get in on things. With the aggressive defense that coach Bedford has installed it gives us the opportunity to do that.

GP: When Pagitte McGee or Jamie Thompson make a big play, does it make you want to step up and make a big play too?
Ransom: Definitely. We feed off of each other, and that's another thing that's good with this defense is the chemistry that we've got together. It's really kinda different than it was last year. No matter what position you are, we kinda all hang out and do things together. We definitely feed off of each other. If JT (Thompson) gets a sack, I want one, and everybody else wants one.

GP: Has the defense felt like it had to step up with the way the offense has struggled the first two games?
Ransom: Definitely not. We're behind the offense regardless of what happens. Eventually they're going to start clicking, and I think they're going to start clicking very soon. We just go out there and try to handle our side of the ball; make sure that we handle our jobs. We definitely don't feel any pressure to carry them or whatever.

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