Recruiting: The Goodson Roller Coaster

If you've followed recruiting for any length of time you know how it can be like a roller coaster -- reaching extreme highs one moment and bottoming out a few seconds later. The following is a Q&A with Michael Goodson done just last week (for Go Pokes Magazine). It is being reported that Goodson has now decided he will take visits to both USC and Texas A&M. We bring you this information to show just how quickly the recruiting roller coaster can change.

The mouths have been watering since that Sunday evening in early July when Michael Goodson looked into the studio cameras at Houston television station KPRC and put on the orange "OSU" cap and said he was going to be a Cowboy in his collegiate future. Cell phones across the state were buzzing and the Internet message boards were nonstop with celebration over the verbal commitment from one of the top running back prospects in the country.

How good is Goodson? Well, he's good enough that dozens of schools, including Southern Cal and Texas A&M, refused to give up and prior to the Sept.1 contact period were sending him text messages at all hours of the day and night. Goodson says that, despite reports to the contrary, he is firm on his pledge to Oklahoma State.

"I'm still committed to Oklahoma State," Goodson said when we asked his recruiting status.

Anyone that has seen Goodson play realizes that the 6-1, 205-pounder can glide and move with the best of them. The highlights from his junior season that were shown on television sportscasts in Oklahoma again had Cowboy fans daydreaming of touchdown sprints east and west at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Despite an injury in the opening game of his senior season at Klein Collins High School it appears that Goodson has Collins on track for a playoff run. Usually Oklahoma State fans can wait until signing day, or just after, to learn more about their high profile and touted signees, but due to demand we spoke with Goodson to find out more about the athlete many believe may be the next player to advance the moniker of "Tailback U." Fans in Stillwater won't have to wait long to see Goodson. He plans on enrolling in January and could be practicing with Oklahoma State as early as during preparation for a bowl game.

GP: Describe yourself as a runner. What kind of style back are you?
MG: I play more like a speed and strength style. I'd say both of those styles, and I also run hard between tackles. I also like to get out and catch the ball and run with it.

GP: So what running backs – past and present – do you like to watch or that you've copied their running style?
MG: I've been a big Ricky Bush fan. LaDanian Tomlinson and Priest Holmes are guys I like to watch in the NFL. Walter Payton is the old timer that I like to watch the most.

GP: Has the recruiting experience changed you and has it changed the way people you know look at you?
MG: It hasn't really gained a lot more respect for me from some people, and I don't think it has really changed me as a person that much. I just get a lot more attention, and I think I've handled it well. My parents, brothers and teammates keep me pretty humble.

GP: Who is your hero or role model?
MG: My mom. She works real hard, and whenever I need advice I know I can go to her and get it.

GP: What kind of guy is Michael Goodson and how do you like to spend your time away from playing football?
MG: I'm a laid back kind of guy. I like to go to the mall and shop with my brothers. I like to lift weights, and if I'm not working out then I'm in the house playing video games like Madden and NCAA 2006. When I play on Madden I'm usually the Pittsburgh Steelers because I like Jerome Bettis and on NCAA 2006 I usually am USC and I like to play and control Reggie Bush (on the game).

GP: Who do you hang out with the most?
MG: Both of my brothers go to school with me, and we're real close. But it's usually guys on the team that I hang with. We go out to eat, go to the movies, and go to parties. We really jell and we're around each other a lot.

GP: You do seem like a quiet, low key kind of guy. Is that the way you are all the time, including on the field?
MG: I'm totally opposite before a game. I'm the guy that gets everybody up and riled up. My teammates say I'm a totally different person on the football field.

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