Cowboys Practice Inside Colvin Center

There was no need to roll out the buses and reopen Camp Ponca in Ponca City but Mother Nature again made it difficult on head coach Mike Gundy and the Cowboys. Wednesday night's heavy rains in Stillwater made the grass practice fields soggy. The floor of Boone Pickens Stadium already has the huge stage and additional set up for Friday night's "Orange Peel" production. That left OSU with the Colvin Center for their usual Thursday light semi walk through practice.

The team bused to the Colvin for the just over one hour workout.

Gundy said it would only become a big deal if it was made out to be a big deal, so it wasn't. The Cowboys got there, got it done, and went back to the locker room.

Friday is not an issue as the team will only meet and make their way to the Atherton Hotel at the Student Union for the stay the night before the game. The team will take time out to attend part of the "Orange Peel" show, and be introduced to the crowd.

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