Poke Notes After OSU-Arkansas State

Was Quinton Moore's blast of Arkansas State wide receiver Levi Dejohnette the hardest hit ever at Boone Pickens Stadium? Yes, it was since the name change occurred last season. Now there have been hits that matched or exceeded Moore's when the stadium was Lewis Field, but we'll call that blow that knocked Dejohnette's helmet 15 yards into the Indians bench the most vicious we've seen in some time.

NO MAJOR INJURIES That was good news for OSU - no major injuries. Offensive guard Kellen Davis had a bruised ankle but came back later in the game. Fellow guard Caleb Noble had a flare up of his shoulder problem. The most serious was an ankle sprain to linebacker Pagitte McGee. The Cowboys should be healthy all the way around for Colorado, including McGee, who said "The ankle isn't bad."

This was a weird weekend for special teams as the mayhem for the specialists began in the Friday night ESPN 2 game between Houston and UTEP. UTEP won in overtime, but during regulation were helped by several punt team blunders by the Cougars. There were problems all day with special teams and then OSU participated with the penalty wiping out Grant Jones' 90-yard kickoff return on the opening kick, two awful punts with bad snaps contributing. Bruce Redden and the field goal unit was perfect, but even their last PAT was shaky with a low snap.

It is a subject that will be heavily examined this week but Reid – who completed just 8 of 21 passes for 148 yards and rushed for 18 yards on 10 carries – did not throw an interception and had one bad pitch on an option that resulted in a turnover. His receivers dropped a few on him but he looked very comfortable and said as much. The grade will be out Sunday and then it's time to get to work on making the offense click.

It should be the first of many, but Beaumont, Texas, corner Calvin Mickens, who made several other nice plays during the game, stopped a fourth quarter ASU drive with an interception of a short ball thrown by Noce. Mickens interception came in the end zone with ASU on second-and-12 at the OSU 14-yard line. It was a clutch play for the freshman who the coaches can't quit talking about.

With the win OSU runs its record to 11 wins in a row over nonconference competition in the regular season. The last loss to a nonconference foe in the regular season was in 2002 at Louisiana Tech.

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