Catching Up With Future Cowboy Al'Darius Thompson

One day in the future, maybe in the year 2020, a couple of Cowboy fans will be sitting at Eskimo Joe's talking about the outstanding career Al'Darius Thompson had while wearing the orange and black. The discussion will eventually center around the 46-yard touchdown run with a broken foot that Thompson had his senior year in high school. Did the running back from North Mesquite High School really run for a touchdown on a broken foot or is it a myth that grew over the years?

Yes, it's true that Thompson, a 5-foot-11, 175-pound standout at North Mesquite, did run for the touchdown. But he says the foot's not broken – but that's just one man's opinion.

Thompson says that on the play before the touchdown run against Grand Prairie on Sept. 16 he hurt his left foot when a tackler "bent my foot to the side," he said. "I felt it when I got up but decided to stay in. The next play they gave it to me and I ran for the touchdown."

North Mesquite head coach Steve Bragg said, "I've never heard of anything like that before, a guy running for a touchdown on a broken foot."

Thompson came to the sideline and realized his foot was hurt, and did not return to the game. "It's not even a fracture. You can't even see it on the X-ray. It's kinda like someone just hit me with a hammer on the foot," said Thompson, who missed North Mesquite's next game and has been wearing a protective boot since the injury.

Bragg is hoping to get his standout runner back soon. He is scheduled to visit the orthopedic doctor on Friday, and both Bragg and Thompson hope he is able to return to action when North Mesquite tavels to Mesquite Horn on Oct. 7.

"The kid's a very good athlete," Bragg said. "He can run. He's got very quick feet. He has this outstanding ability to make people miss. He's really good out on the edge, out in the green. Very rarely is the first guy going to get him."

In four games, Thompson has rushed for 508 yards and eight touchdowns. His best game of the season was a 198-yard, two-touchdown performance on 36 carries as North Mesquite defeated Hurst Bell 29-7. He had 126 of those yards in the first quarter. He also had a 159-yard, three-touchdown performance in North Mesquite's 35-3 win over Grand Prairie the night he was injured.

"He's gone from carrying the ball 10-11 times a game (last season) to 35-40 times a game (this season)," Bragg said. "He's by far our best athlete on offense. We want to get the ball in his hands.

"He's a special athlete. He could be a corner, but most people wre recruiting him as a running back. Georgia Tech wanted him as a running back. SMU wanted him as a running back. But really I think his future is running outside (as a receiver) or at corner."

Thompson said he will probably play receiver at Oklahoma State.

"Most people were recruiting me as an athlete, and said I could play corner, receiver or running back," he said. "Others wanted me as a receiver or running back. When I went to Oklahoma State they asked me where I wanted to play. I told them it really didn't matter. But they said they really wanted to know so I told them receiver."

Bragg said that Thompson has "speed, quickness, (the) ability to change direction without decelerating. It's just a gift. He has the ability to make people miss."

"He's a real good kid. He's one of those that Oklahoma State fans will enjoy watching grow up."

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