Recruiting: Gerald McCoy To Visit Saturday

Gerald McCoy is the top recruit in Oklahoma and he is one of the top defensive tackles prospects in the nation, and he says recruiting is going really good right now and that it is sometimes crazy. The 6-4, 300-pound McCoy has led Oklahoma City Southeast to a 4-1 start and is having a stellar season. McCoy is big and strong enough to dominate every lineman he faces in Class 5A, but he is also athletic and quick enough to chase down skill players in the open field.

"We're playing well right now and I'm excited because we have Jermaine Gresham (top tight end prospect in Oklahoma) and Ardmore on Friday night," said McCoy. "Recruiting is going really good, but it gets crazy sometimes."

McCoy said he attended the Oklahoma-Kansas State game on Saturday, and he has official visits starting as soon as Oct. 15 when he will travel to Notre Dame. He is also going to make an official visit to Miami, USC, Virginia Tech and Tennessee. So where does that leave area schools?

"They are right in there, but I'm not going to make official visits to those schools," McCoy explained. "I can drive to any of those schools and I am going to take all my visits so I decided when I have to fly to make those official and then drive to the other schools."

Now the question begs, who are those other schools getting the driving consideration? Oklahoma is one.

"I'm going to drive to Nebraska, LSU and Texas Tech," said McCoy. "Oklahoma State is in it and I'm going to their game this next weekend."

It is obvious that McCoy has not paired down his list much, and will do quite a bit of traveling in the near future. He can also expect many of those driving schools to encourage him to skip the flying and leave the driving (gas cost) to them by making them an official visit. Either way the red carpet will be rolled out (as much as the NCAA allows) for Gerald McCoy.

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