Reid Looking To Rebound

The verdict is in. Mike Gundy said that in the offensive staff meeting they review every play and list every problem - what went right, what went wrong - and then the staff goes about working to correct the situation. No doubt the offensive staff meeting was a long one Sunday and not much fun. When the tally was finished it was quarterback Bobby Reid, making just his second start, that had the longest laundry list of problems and hopeful corrections out of Saturday's 34-0 loss to Colorado.

"Other than Bobby, the other guys played pretty well," Gundy said in his weekly press conference Monday. "Unfortunately, the guy that touches the ball every time has to play well for you to win games, and he knows that. He didn't play well. There were eight or nine times that we had receivers open and he misfired. Then you lack rhythm on offense and he begins to doubt himself at times."

Reid said that while the coaching staff was holding their review, he did what he does every Sunday – watch tape and have a self help session of his own. His review wasn't any less disappointing than the one with the coaches.

"I watched tape on Sunday. That is something I do every Sunday and off day," said Reid, who has shown a great deal of off-the-field maturity in facing the media after the game on Saturday and then again Monday. "I watch tape and see the mistakes I made. Anybody would be tired of looking back at a game like that. That's how it is sometimes and you have to go through it. The test will be how we bounce back and get ready to go play Missouri."

The test will be how Reid bounces back and plays against Missouri. There is no doubt that Saturday was like a sucker punch to the gut for Reid. Up until Saturday he has always been buoyant and usually smiling. This Reid is more somber and seemingly looking for an answer. He has the author of the offense in coordinator Larry Fedora that can provide plenty of answers, but he also has a potential spiritual advisor in his head coach. Mike Gundy knows quarterbacks. He's coached them and using the old adage that it takes one to know one, Gundy is good there because he was as good as a quarterback gets in his high school days at Midwest City and as a true freshman taking over at Oklahoma State.

Gundy, however, had two things that Reid doesn't. He had Thurman Thomas and Hart Lee Dykes as a freshman signal caller, but unlike Reid he didn't have a sideline guide like himself. Gundy said Larry Fedora is fine with the head coach meddling with teaching the quarterback and it's time to impart some lessons.

"Bobby doesn't show signs of having a lack of confidence, but a couple of times I saw him put his head down a little bit," said Gundy, who has been alert to his quarterback's mental approach. "Coach Fedora and I have to talk to him. There's a lot of pressure on him to perform and he can't allow that pressure to cause him to try and do more than he is capable of as a redshirt freshman. He has to go out and play his game and let it come to him. I feel that he will play better this week. He had practiced well last week, and not to say I told you so, but you can practice all you want, but you have to go and get those live reps in a game. The speed of the game got a lot different Saturday than it had been in the past weeks."

Reid may still be trying to figure out that speed. It had to look like a freight train at times on Saturday. When asked about the common phrase that players, especially quarterbacks, use in saying at some point the game slows down, Reid wasn't certain if he was waiting for that to happen.

"I guess I am, but I really don't understand what people are meaning when they say that," said the quarterback that was 27-1 as a starter at Galena Park North Shore. "People see things differently than other people. I'm just waiting for that time when I am comfortable, when I can start to dictate what I do instead of having them (opposing defense) dictate what I do."

That last sentence shows he understands, just in a different way. What also has to be understood by Gundy and Fedora, and I feel like they have a good grasp on, is Reid is a little shaken about his talents and potential for probably the first time in his football life.

"In my opinion it was one of the worst games that I have ever played and been a part of," Reid said on Monday. "I've never had a dude intercept my ball and take it back the length of the field.

"I just need to control my emotions, not get as amped up as I was and stay focused," continued Reid, performing almost a self analysis in front of the cameras and microphones. "I'll be all right. It was my second start and I'm not blaming anything. It's hard to talk about something like that because I've never been a part of something like that. I just have to bounce back and get ready for Missouri. We are still 3-1 and have no major injuries, and we just need to get ready to play next week."

Both the self analysis and the help of quarterback guide Gundy will have to continue through the week and in the weeks to come. Reid said he tries not to pay much attention, but when you are the constant topic and the focus of an offense that went scoreless, gained just a little more than 200 yards, and converted just 2-of-17 third downs the damage can come from newspaper, television, radio, internet (which Reid says he stays off of), and just on the street.

"People are entitled to their opinions and if they don't think our offense can work, that's okay," Reid said. "We're the ones that are working on it and we know how far we can go with this and what we can do. We hear people talking and it's to the point that all we do is laugh. They don't know what we go through in practice and all the things that we do. All it does is motivate us."

Hopefully, that's the case. If it is there is motivation to be found everywhere this week. What is really needed is the answer to when will this offense click into gear and pick up speed. Reid isn't sure, but like everybody else that cares about Oklahoma State football he's hopeful.

"It might happen tonight at practice or it might not happen this year," Reid answered. "The guys just need to stay focused and working hard and get ready for our opponents each week."

Gundy needs to continue remembering what it was like that first season as a freshman taking over for incumbent Ronnie Williams. The things he wished he had a personal advisor to say to him. Remember and then pass it on.

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