Recruiting: Goodson Not a Houston Radio Rumor

Following the response from Houston area subscribers that heard radio rumors Wednesday that some of Oklahoma State's commitments are wavering, we contacted the biggest of OSU's Houston-area commitments in Klein Collins running back and top level national recruit Michael Goodson. Finding Michael's phone answering with his regular message, we contacted his father. When asked about the rumor, his father was very plain and direct with his answer.

We asked about rumors Wednesday on a Houston radio station that some of OSU's recruits were wavering and we have been told your son's name was mentioned. What can you tell us about his recruiting status?

"Michael is solid. He isn't going anywhere," Mr. Goodson said of his talented son. "He made the right decision for him. In fact, it's probably a better decision now then it was when he made it. Oklahoma State is the perfect situation for a young running back.

"What USC has going on is great, but OSU has to be the best place right now for a running back like Michael," he continued. "He will walk into a situation where he will have an offense molded around him and as a true freshman will be the number one running back. He'll be playing with a quarterback like Bobby Reid and the wide receiver that they have sitting out (Adarius Bowman). That offense will be something special."

Okay, so much for the rumors.

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