Recruiting: Beeler Considering Options

Chase Beeler really hadn't planned on thinking about where he would be playing football next year until sometime in December. The 6-foot-3, 275-pound offensive lineman from Jenks (Okla.) High School had planned to devote the next few weeks to help the Trojans make their annual run deep into the Class 6A playoffs. He still seemed a bit shocked Wednesday night that the Trojans lost in the first round to Sapulpa, which not only eliminated Jenks but ended his outstanding high school career.

"The loss kind of threw everything into a jumble for me," Beeler said. "I really hadn't planned on giving recruiting a lot of thought until after the season was over with, and I hadn't planned on that being until mid- to late-December. Right now I'm just trying to sort through things."

Beeler did say Wednesday night that he has narrowed it to four schools – Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Stanford and Northwestern. "Unless someone steps in and offers later, those are the primary four and it's all pretty equal," said Beeler, who has easily qualified with an impressive 33 on the ACT and maintains a 4.0 grade-point average.

He has already taken official visits to Oklahoma State (Sept. 3) and Northwestern (Oct. 28), and has a third scheduled for Stanford (either Jan. 2 or Jan. 13). "I've been in contact with coach (Kevin) Wilson about maybe setting one up for Oklahoma," Beeler said. "I'm saving one, holding it back there in case someone else enters the picture late."

Beeler took a few minutes to talk about the four programs he's considering.

"Northwestern's program is doing pretty well. I was up there the weekend they played Michigan, and even though they lost it was evident that there was potential in the program. And it's an academic prowess as well," he said.

"Coach (Walt) Harris at Stanford is in his first year there and he's really making some great strides. The academics speak for themselves," Beeler said.

"Oklahoma State has struggled some but I've talked to coach (Mike) Gundy and I believe what he says. He's trying to reconfigure the program. When I was up there on my visit I was able to talk with two political science professors and came away really impressed," he said.

"Football at OU is football at OU. I went up on my own for the Red-White game this past summer and had a chance to look around and visit with some people," Beeler said.

"I'm going to be looking for a number of things when I make my decision. First, my meeting with the head coach is one part of it. Another part is what my view of the program is and what my perception is of the program – is it on the rise or not. And then, of course, academics will play an important role," he said.

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