Recruiting: DeMarcus Conner, DeForest Talk

Standout receiver DeMarcus Conner saw his senior season come to an abrupt end this past weekend when Converse Judson upset his Westfield High School team, ranked fifth in the nation by USA Today, by the score of 17-14, in the Texas Class 5A Division I semifinals. Conner did his part, catching a 20-yard touchdown pass, but it wasn't enough for Westfield. Conner took a few minutes Tuesday night to visit with about his commitment to Oklahoma State.

Conner said that Cowboy assistant head coach Joe DeForest met with him earlier Tuesday at his high school. "He was just telling me that I had a great season, and that he was looking forward to me getting to Oklahoma State," Conner said. "He talked to me about not slacking off on grades and taking care of things in the classroom."

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound standout said that he will make his official visit to Oklahoma State in early January. The trip was originally scheduled for this upcoming weekend but was postponed because "my mom wants to go too, and she couldn't go this weekend," Conner said.

But Conner said that DeForest and the Cowboys have no worries when it comes to his commitment. "I told him today that once I'm committed, I'm committed," he said. "I committed for one reason and that's because of the way they treated me and made me feel like I was wanted and welcome. I heard from a Colorado coach the other day and he said he just wanted to hear from me that I was truly committed, and I told him that I was solid with Oklahoma State."

Conner said the Westfield High weightroom is closed until Friday while the team returns uniforms and practice gear. But once the weightroom opens up again he plans to spend a lot of time in there. "Coach DeForest asked what I'm going to be doing now that the season is over, and I told him I'm going to be lifting and working out, and I'll probably get a job since we get out of school each day at 2:30."

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