Recruiting: Perrish Cox Sleeping On It

When the phone was handed to Perrish Cox we just started talking only to find out this was Perrish Cox's father. "You have me confused with my son and he is upstaris sound asleep," said Mr. Cox. "We were on the trip to LSU this weekend and he had to get up early for school this morning and then basketball and I think he is just flat worn out. He went upstairs and went to sleep in no time."

We asked Mr. Cox when he thought we should try his son again and he suggested on Wednesday.

"He'll be home early on Wednesday and you can try him then," said Mr. Cox. "He's really down to two schools (OSU and LSU) right now and just trying to make a decision."

Mr. Cox explained that he is really giving Perrish some space to let him make the decision and just being there for guidance.

"I'm not pressuring him at all. This is his life and he needs to go wherever he feels comfortable. I don't want to push him one way or the other because it's going to be his life from here on out," hee said. "I've just told him to pay attention to the coaching staff and the team because those will be the people you will be with for the next four years and be friends with your whole life."

Mr. Cox added that there is no wrong choice.

"Both schools sound really good," he said. "I went on the trip this weekend and I have talked to the coaches from the other school a lot. They are both good and he can't make a bad decision."

He also added that Perrish may sit out basketball until the start of the next semester and district play.

"He has that All-American game (the U.S. Army All American Game in San Antonio) coming up and he needs to get prepared for that. He'll leave for that on Jan. 1 and be gone from the first through the eighth."

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