Recruiting: Gent Ready As Wednesday Nears

Irving (MacArthur), Texas, linebacker Justin Gent told me Monday night he is looking forward to the big signing ceremony on Wednesday at MacArthur High School. Gent, who will sign with the Cowboys, is one of several football players signing along with one soccer player.

"We have a big deal where we are each introduced with our parents in front of the school and then sign on stage and there is media there," said Gent. "Then after we sign we are allowed to leave with our families and it is an excused absence day so we can celebrate with them."

Gent said he is working out a lot. In fact, working out is his hobby or release.

"That is my thing, training and lifting," said Gent. "Today I just maxed out on the bench press and got 345 pounds. After a stressful day it's good for me to go lift and take it out on the weights."

Gent said he is still excited about heading to Oklahoma State and obviously has been keeping up with the news from Stillwater.

"They are spending a lot of money on football, and that's a big plus," said Gent.

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