OSU-UT Postgame Quotes

Quotes from the coaches and players from Oklahoma State and Texas following Sunday's game.

OSU associate head coach Sean Sutton
On the game:
Our players needed that. They had three great days of practice and I was glad that it carried over to the court. Everything we asked them to do, and told them what it would take to win this basketball game, they did."
"I thought they were great today. We outrebounded them and offensively we told them all week long that they were good offensively. They were extremely unselfish. They made the extra pass."
On Texas: To beat Texas a lot of times it is a mindset. There is no team that is more physical and that will impose their style on you other than Texas. They are tough. If they sense that you are going to back down, they are going to go up another notch. I told our guys that when we have beaten them, the key was always rebounding and you had to match their physical style."

Cowboy forward Torre Johnson
On the game:
"I think this is the first game where we finally played a full 40 minutes. We executed our plays today. I think that was the key to the game. We also eliminated a lot of turnovers. We played great defense on their star players. We played with a lot of poise and confidence."

Cowboy forward David Monds
On the game:
"It's like Coach Sutton always tells us - you practice like you play. This week the guys did a great job of executing plays. We came together these last three days and said that we would get better and put everything behind us. We blocked out everything off the court and stayed together on the court. When you put that all together, you will have a great game."

Cowboy guard JamesOn Curry
On the team's defense:
"We hustled. We trusted each other and we were unified. There is no such thing as a man-to-man defense. It is a team defense. I just trust that if I play my hardest and he beats me, I have help back there."

Texas coach Rick Barnes
On the game:
"I'm not going to take anything away from them because I thought they beat us in every way you could be beaten today. From looking at my team out there, I thought they acted like it was going to be that type of game again."
On OSU's future: "If I were coaching this team with a record of 4-8 right now, I'd say to myself, 'If we can get to 8-8 -- because these next two weeks can make or break a season -- and then go to Dallas (and the Big 12 Tournament) and try to win a coup0le of games.' Then I'd try to sell them on the fact that we did pretty good on the non-league (opponents). We beat a Tennessee team that's going to get a pretty high seed, and we played well at Gonzaga. There is always a chance. Plus, if you get to playing well at this time of the year there's an automatic bid out there for somebody. Our league has proven that on any given (day), it's a possession here and a possessiion there that can make a difference. I think they're still alive, and they should feel that way. There's no reason they shouldn't."

Longhorn P.J. Tucker
On playing at Gallagher-Iba Arena:
"It's one of the hardest places in the country to play. They have a great home atmosphere. You've got to expect it. Every time we go out and play, we know we're going to get the best shot of everybody, so you've got to expect it every game, no matter where you're playing."

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