Spring Practice Notes: Day 2

On Monday we reported on some of the new players and what their jersey numbers were. The OSU sports information office released a spring roster Wednesday, and here are some new names and numbers. Some of the spring walk-ons have little information other than names and numbers. We also list number changes of veteran players.

Veteran Players with Number Changes
Offense (orange practice jerseys)
10 Tommy Devereaux, WR (from 7)
12 Adarius Bowman, WR (from 85)
15 Chijuan Mack, WR (from 83)
17 Zac Ross, WR (from 12)
25 Todd Nelson, WR (from 19)
57 Jacob Secrest, OL (scholarship freshman)
58 Kyle Mariacher, DS (from 46)
60 Brady Bond, OL (from 76)
68 Marshall Tetsworth, OL (from 64)
74 Josh Pinaire, OL (from 72)
83 Anthony Parks, WR (scholarship J.C. transfer)
85 David Hudspeth, WR (from 80)

Quarterbacks (green practice jerseys)
1 Alex Cate, QB (scholarship freshman)

Defense (white practice jerseys)
11 T.J. Bell, CB (from 6)
13 Jeromie Tucker, CB (from 49)
20 Andre Sexton, FS (from 25)
25 Clint Coe, SS (from 11)
35 Marcus Brown, LB (scholarship transfer)
39 Sonji Ketiku, CB (from 3)
40 Donnell Williams, LB (scholarship freshman)
44 Chris Collins, LB (scholarship freshman)
45 Durfey Thompson, LB (from 46)
49 Lance Limbrick, CB (from 40)
99 Jonathan Lewis, DT (scholarship freshman)

New Walk-ons
Offense (orange practice jerseys)

8 William Benge
13 Marc Thompson, K
22 Ryan Cunningham, K
35 Michael Smith
42 Chris Offor
48 Weston Phillips
80 Bruce Robbins
Defense (white practice jerseys)
5 Terence Hill
23 Billy Lewis
46 James Balman

Truck License Plate 75
The first two days of spring practice, by NCAA mandate, have been in shorts, without pads, and there was no contact. However, any time you get out there and run plays there is going to be some bumping going on. During Wednesday's team period, toward the end of practice, Bobby Reid hit wide receiver Jeremy Broadway with a little bubble screen on the left side. On the play left tackle Corey Hilliard went down field to block and Hilliard got a pretty good shot on strong safety Donovan Woods. Hilliard used both arms and Woods went flying to the ground. It's a sure sign that the pads need to go on.

"I'm looking forward to putting the pads on," said Hilliard. "I wasn't trying to put him Donovan on the ground, just working on my technique, and maybe I worked on it a little too hard."

The block drew oohs and aahs from the sideline as it was out in the open in clear view for everybody.

Denning Gets Time
After seeing primarily freshmen Noah Franklin and Andrew Lawrence at the two guard positions with the first unit offensive line on Monday, sophomore Steven Denning got time at left guard on Wednesday. Denning is a 6-4, 285-pounder and really strong. Expect several players to get time in competing for the two guard positions on the offensive line.

Cold Weather Team
Despite the cold weather most of the players wore shorts in practice on Wednesday. There were a few players sporting tights or sweat pants, but most handled the really bone-chilling cold with just the shorts. With many more days like this during the spring the Cowboys are apt to become a cold weather team. Certainly, it can't hurt as there will be cold days in the latter stages next season.

Visiting Coaches Used to the Cold
Maybe the visiting coaches at Wednesday's practice brought the cold temperatures with them. It's a certainty that UMass knows a little something about frigid spring football practices. The UMass defensive staff was at practice on Wednesday as guests of Cowboys linebacker coach Todd Bradford. Earlier this spring the UMass offensive staff came in for several days to meet with Cowboy offensive coordinator Larry Fedora to discuss the finer points of the spread offense.

Punters Hit High Marks
During the only special teams period during the Wednesday practice punter Matt Fodge and Cole Reynolds put on a pretty good show punting the football. Punts on Monday were flat and average in distance, but both Fodge and Reynolds really boomed some high, long ones on Wednesday. Kickers Bruce Redden and Jason Ricks continued to impress with their field goals and extra points. Both kickers were perfect and they continued to get good height on their kicks. That battle between Ricks and Redden may be one of the best on the team during the spring.

Coe Calls Them Up
At the end of practice head coach Mike Gundy always has a player call up the team before they break up for good. The team gathers in a huddle and usually chants "Big 12 Champs." After Wednesday's practice Gundy yelled for Coe to call them up, but it wasn't Clint Coe. His older brother and former O-State defensive tackle Clay Coe was there to watch practice and Gundy had Clay call up the squad. Coe looks to have lost a good bit of the near 300 pounds he played at and seems to be in great shape and was enjoying watching his younger brother, who transferred to OSU after starting as a freshman for Troy.

"He's an ex-player and he is important to us, and if a guy is going to take the time to come by and see us then we want to make sure he knows he's a part of Oklahoma State football," said Gundy. "It goes back to what we are doing with the alumni weekend (spring game April 22) and the Gridiron Greats. We want those guys to be a part of this. What we are trying to do is make sure when they are here they know we appreciate them being back here."

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