Spring Practice Notes: Day 5

Ray and Judy Gundy, the parents of head coach Mike Gundy, took in practice on Wednesday as they found a spot in the southwest corner of the practice fields to settle down and watch the Cowboys drill. Both parents said they were impressed with the size and the condition of the Cowboys. These two have been observing college football in this state for a long time, dating back to the playing careers of both Mike and his brother Cale.

Judy Gundy said she really likes the looks of transfer wide receiver Adarius Bowman. Ray Gundy echoed the opinion that Mike had given him credit for and that was that he likes and even advised the switch back to the more standard punt formation from the spread and shield punt formation the Cowboys used last season.

Lewis Gets a Taste of First String
Redshirt freshman center Andrew Lewis was running with the first team offensive line on Wednesday and returning starting center David Washington was with the second team.

"That's probably coach Wick (Wickline)," said Gundy. "He pretty much runs those guys and I let him do just about whatever he wanted. My guess is David didn't play as hard as he wanted last practice and so he moved Lewis in, but I'd ask him before I printed anything."

It turns out that the head coach was correct on his assumption. Washington was late to a meeting and that prompted offensive line coach Joe Wickline to make a temporary move on the depth chart. In bringing Lewis along the work with the first team and against the first team defense should only help him improve.

Injury News: Coe Is Out
Transfer junior safety Clint Coe confirmed the worse before practice on Wednesday telling us that he has been diagnosed with a torn ACL in his left knee. Coe was upbeat, saying he will have the surgery soon and plans to work hard in rehab in order to get back sometime next season. Coe has the reputation of being a very hard worker from the off-season program, and if anyone can do it he can. He said the injury occurred during the seven-on-seven drill in the first half of last Friday's first practice in pads. It was kind of a shock as Coe has been pretty much injury free in his football career, and added that he has never had knee problems before.

Two other players suited up but worked with the conditioning coaches on Wednesday. Offensive lineman Chris Simon and defensive lineman Jonathan Lewis were both working drills on the side.

More on the Orange Contact Lenses
The contact lenses that the Cowboy players have been using are a product of Nike and Bausch and Lomb, and the color the Cowboys use is amber. Wide receiver D'Juan Woods said they replace the need for eye black or helmet shields and that they really work in taking the glare and/or blue light out of a player's vision on the field. Nearly all of the skill players are using the contacts and the word is that athletes in some of the other sports at OSU, including baseball players, will begin using them as well.

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