Spring Practice Notes: Day 13

Cowboy head coach Mike Gundy told Go Pokes after Monday's practice that the coaching staff hasn't done the final determination on the teams for Saturday's spring game, but they have decided one thing about setting them up. "We're going to put somewhere around 75 percent of the first team offense and defense together and have them go against the best of the rest," explained Gundy.

He further explained that there are concerns about splitting up the offensive lines that have worked together with just a few adjustments all spring.

"If we drafted we couldn't do that because somebody would take (Corey) Hilliard and then the other team would take (David) Koenig and for continuity purposes we want to keep the lines together," said Gundy.

Offensive coordinator Larry Fedora has talked about the Florida spring games where they pitted the first team offense and defense against the best of the rest and always ended up with competitive games.

"We want the game to be both productive for us and entertaining for the fans," said Gundy. "We are looking to get 60 to 65 good plays out of it. We know the people are coming to be entertained and they don't want to see guys tackled to the ground, not the whistle blowing when they are in the grasp. We've had a good spring so we'll do this for the fans - give them a good game that is entertaining. We have another big scrimmage on Wednesday and then Saturday is for the fans."

Looking for Former Players
The Cowboys are still encouraging any former players who have not been contacted to call the football office and find out details on the Legends of the Gridiron weekend.

"We are still gathering names and trying to get the word out that whether you are Barry Sanders or a walk-on that played here four years we want to get you back in the program," said Gundy, who added the number of former players attending is now close to 300.

The former players will gather on Friday night at Murphy's on the strip in Stillwater for an evening of memories. A round of golf is planned Saturday at Karsten Creek and then a dinner will be held in the O-Club at three before the scrimmage. After the scrimmage former players and members of the coaching staff will be invited to Aggies Big House in downtown Stillwater for refreshments and more story swapping.

Players Who Have Stood Out
Gundy was asked after Monday's practice for the names of players he expects to wow the fans on Saturday that have been a little unsung. The head coach threw out the names of wide receiver Anthony Parks, linebacker Chris Collins, cornerback Jacob Lacey, tight end Paschal Smith, tight end Justin Waller, defensive end Nathan Peterson, and defensive end Marque Fountain.

"Parks has been impressive the past three or four practices and he is showing now that he knows what to do and is the kind of player we expected him to be," said Gundy.

"Collins has shown up all spring," added Gundy. "He'll get banged around some next season and he'll make some mistakes, but he is a good player."

"Lacey is as good a corner as any we had on the field last fall," said the head coach of the sophomore from Naaman Forest.

"Pettigrew has had a great spring, but Paschal Smith has too and Justin Waller has played well at tight end as the third guy."

"Peterson has been able to go full speed and he'll be able to go through the summer the same way and will be ready to have a very good season," Gundy said finishing on his player review. "Marque is the same way as he is playing pain free."

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