Spring Football: Perrish Cox Qualifies

Waco (University), Tex. head coach LeRoy Coleman told Go Pokes Tuesday that his All-American cornerback Perrish Cox, who signed with Oklahoma State in February, has achieved a qualifying test score on the ACT.

"We got some very good news," said Coleman. "Perrish has been doing very good on his classes and has straight A's right now, and he also has a test score that makes him qualified. Our goal right now is to keep encouraging him on his classes, so he won't let down. He needs that to prepare for college work, but he has the grades and the test."

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was in Oklahoma City on Tuesday night for the first stop on the OSU POSSE Spring Caravan. While taking questions from the audience Gundy was asked about Cox and if he would qualify. Gundy was careful not to give any details, but simply said he was confident now that Cox would be at Oklahoma State this fall and alluded to getting some recent news.

Coleman also reported that the 6-1, 170-pound speedster is having a tremendous track season and qualifed for state regionals by winning the 200 meters, the triple jump, and finishing second in the long jump. He is also a member of two relay teams that qualified for Waco University.

Cox Not the Only Track Speedster in the Class
While speaking to the POSSE audience in Oklahoma City, Gundy also said that Bryan, Texas, wide receiver Artrell Woods posted a wind aided time of 10.4 in the 100 meters in a track meet earlier this spring.

"Wind aided or not, that is fast," said Gundy. "We think that Artrell and Perrish Cox can come in and perhaps help us on punt and kickoff returns. To be successful with those returns you have to make a guy miss and then use your speed to get to the lane, and those two guys can do that."

Teams for Saturday Decided
The squads for Saturday's Orange-White spring football game have not been announced, but Gundy again told the Oklahoma City crowd that the staff decided on most of the players Tuesday morning in staff meeting. There may be some last minute tweaking before the rosters are released.

"We wanted to keep most of the first team offense and defense together and have them face the rest of the squad," Gundy said, repeating what he told Go Pokes on Monday after practice.

Bobby Reid will quarterback one team with the entire starting offensive line, while Zac Robinson will start for the other team at quarterback with the second team offensive line. The skill players will be split up. On defense the desire is to keep the linebackers, safeties and corners together, but not necessarily all on the same team.

The rosters will be released Wednesday after the Cowboys half practice and half scrimmage on the grass practice fields.

Names Are Back
The biggest roar of the fans at the OSU POSSE Caravan came when Gundy announced that he is bringing back block letters and numbers to the jerseys for next season, and the roar hit a high volume when he said that the names of the players will return to the back of the jerseys. The new uniforms have already been ordered and may have arrived and include a splash of color trim down the side of the jersey. The orange home jerseys have white down the side, while the road white jerseys have an orange panel down the side.

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