Recruiting: Glover Considering Cowboys

Jared Glover is one of the top prospects in Oklahoma. The 6-4 1/2, 220-pound linebacker was a major force in helping Bixby to the Class 5A state championship game last season, and he is set to prop up the Spartans defense this season as well. Glover had more than 100 tackles last season, and he is drawing serious recruiting attention this spring.

Glover has visited a number of campuses including Oklahoma State (this past weekend), Nebraska, Kansas State, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Glover has scholarship offers from Nebraska, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Colorado State, Michigan State and Texas A&M. He says he is also hearing from Vanderbilt, Miami, Tulsa and Texas Tech.

"I grew up rooting for both OSU and OU," said Glover. "My mom is an OU fan, my sister and her friends went to OSU. In fact, she is graduating from OSU, and my dad is from Lincoln, so I guess we've rooted by Nebraska some too."

Out of all that Glover should be able to get different perspectives, but he already has in mind what he is looking for in a school.

"I'm looking for a team that wants me as bad as I want to play for them," explained the linebacker prospect. "I'm looking for a program that wins, wants to win, and has a good chance of winning. Quality coaching is important to me, integrity and faith. I'm just getting to know Coach (Todd) Bradford (Oklahoma State) and he seems to be that way and Coach (John) Blake (Nebraska) is a big man of faith. I'm looking to major in pre med."

Glover is an outstanding student with a 4.64 GPA. He has competed in basketball up until this year, and he also did the throws and hurdles in track in the past.

"I didn't do any other sports this year because I'm all about gaining the weight and getting faster for football," added Glover.

It's working as he has put on weight and he is up to 305 pounds on his bench press max and 470 pounds on his squat max. He is now running 4.7 in the 40-yard dash.

He also has a game plan for his recruiting. He has seen a number of schools and said he would like to camp at OSU, Nebraska, Kansas State and Texas A&M, schools that have offered him. He plans on making a recruiting decision early.

"That way these schools, who spend time and money recruiting me and offering a scholarship can know," said Glover. "It's not fair to them to leave them hanging and that way the schools can move on to the next guy in line. I plan on having my decision by the end of the summer."

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