Recruiting: Millwood's Jones Moving Up

Oklahoma City (Millwood), Okla., athlete Gerald Jones and his teammates wrapped up spring football with a scrimmage on Wednesday. Jones, who had a combined 2,850 yards of total offense as a junior, played quarterback and flashed his skills running and passing. He was also very impressive in playing a few plays on defense at safety.

One Millwood High School assistant coach said they didn't send any tape out to colleges of Jones on defense, but if they did it would blow schools away and cause them to recruit Jones as a safety. Some schools see Jones at quarterback. Others see the 1,900 yards rushing and 24 touchdowns on the ground and think running back. Still others like him as a wide receiver. Jones is just happy he has choices, lots of them.

"It's truly a blessing and I know I couldn't do it without God," said Jones. "It's rare for players like that coming around from a little school like this and to have the opportunity to play wherever (school and position) that I want. I just want to help the team and I thank God."

Jones now has a good idea of recruiting and how much attention he is going to receive now that the evaluation month of May is over. He is now considered a top 10 prospect in the country, as high as third by some. He is hearing all the time from schools and also reporters. Is recruiting what he imagined it would be? More? Less?

"It's definitely more," Jones said of his recruiting experience. "I expected to have a Division I scholarship offer, but not 17. I expected to be the best in the state, but not one of the best in the country. You always strive to be the best, but not too many players can start from where I started from and be one of the best in the country. It's much more than I thought it would be."

In the category of more there was a crane just off the Millwood campus yesterday that had a huge Oklahoma State banner waving from it. No word on how it got there, but Millwood coaches and teammates presume it was a show on the last day of classes for Millwood this school year and on the last day of spring football of where somebody hopes Jones will decide to play and attend college.

"I guess they put that out there for me, I don't know," said Jones smiling. "I guess just to give me a good thought and have me think about where I should be."

Millwood has been a popular school in recent memory for Oklahoma State as players like All-American Rashaun Woods and his brothers D'Juan and Donovan, along with safety Elbert Craig, have been standout players for the Cowboys. Other schools have had success at Millwood as well.

"Millwood has put a lot of athletes out and there are great athletes in (class) 2A, but when you do what you do and you dominate the game then you should get the publicity," said Jones "It's just a matter of an athlete doing the best they can."

Jones has taken trips to several schools including Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Tech has been listed by some as a leader, but Jones says he is open. Still his mind wanders with different schools catching his curiosity at different times.

"Right now, like you said I'm open but I've taken an interest in Notre Dame, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Texas Tech and Florida," said Jones. "I'm going to do my research on everybody and try to knock it down to 10, and hopefully I can just take it from there." All of those schools that Jones mentioned are a decent distance away from Oklahoma City and Jones has been quoted as saying he may want to go away from home to become more independent.

"That came from my mom who has basically babied me all of my life because I didn't really have a father figure around," Jones explained of his previous comment. "I think that would be a good idea for me to get out and be on my own and become a man."

With all this attention is there danger of Jones getting the big head and thinking more about playing in college while he still has business at hand, both football and basketball in high school. The Millwood coaches say they see no signs of it. Jones said it won't happen.

"Most definitely not," Jones said quickly. "My momma keeps me on this earth and I thank God and just want to keep my teammates getting better and maybe help them get to college."

One thing is for sure, Jones is now a marked man in recruiting. Our guess is he will take his time and that will make his recruiting one of the most watched not only in Oklahoma but in the nation.

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