Wednesday Night's Chat With Robert

Go Pokes Executive Editor Robert Allen chats with Oklahoma State fans each Wednesday night. What follows is part of the transcript from Wednesday night's chat, including his thoughts on recent commitment Jamie Blatnick.

pokes2k:: RA, is the new commit a defensive or offensive guy?
RobertAllen1:: He will be a defensive end first, with added size could develop into a defensive tackle and the luxury is that if he doesn't work out on defense he is an All State offensive lineman, but he has been recruited for DE. He will play OL and DL this season, so we will have a chance to see how well he plays on defense. He has size, strength and speed as he runs a 4.75 on average.
82osualum:: Are we still recruiting a DE namely RJ?
pokes2k:: ok. sounds like coach Wick is pretty happy here lately.
RobertAllen1:: He is also a very smart player and student. he carries a high 3, close to 4.0 and had a 1520 on the SAT.
82osualum:: out of 2400 or 1600?
RobertAllen1:: He is looking for one more OL commitment and will probably have it before the end of the summer.
pokes2k:: anyone in particular in mind?
HJayFla:: Romine?
RobertAllen1:: He could end up with five OL in the class, the plan was for four. Blatnick is the ? and hopefully he will fit in nicely at DE or DT, depending on how big he ends up being. RobertAllen1:: Ethan Adkins out of Colorado, Matt Romine (I doubt it) out of Tulsa Union, Lonnie Edwards, Marquis Franklin, Grant Garner out of Mesquite, or maybe Clyde Yandell out of Florida.
pokes2k:: isn't that gonna cut us really thin in other areas though? seems like a lot for such a small class this time around.
RobertAllen1:: I think Romine winds up at OU.
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RobertAllen1:: I see the secondary having to make sacrifices and maybe only taking two there. The Alexander youngster is fast enough and could wind up a safety in that case. They will take four OL, four DT, two DE, probably 2 LB, atleast one TE, and then 3 RB and/or WR, and 2 DB.
82osualum:: different distribution from before
RobertAllen1:: The class will float to the end with possibly 4-5 commits coming very late because of some of the big time potential players they are in on. Of course that changes depending on who they stay in on and how long the prospect (s) stretch it out.
RobertAllen1:: The keys to the class are taking the four OL and four DT along with some difference makers at the skills.
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82osualum:: Is Blatnick considered to be a DE, DT or OL?
RobertAllen1:: When you are in on guys like Richetti Jones, Simi Fili, Dwyer, Green, Creer, Davis, and others like that you hang in and keep spots open because they are definitie difference makers.
RobertAllen1:: He is a DE first, a DT if he puts on muscle and weight, and an OL if he doesn't work out at the first two. He is a very safe take because he is flexible and can play at different positions.

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